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  • A PLOS Collection ’Omics of Cellular Signaling Pathways

    The Signaling Pathways Project is a multi-omics knowledgebase based upon public, manually curated transcriptomic and cistromic (ChIP-Seq) datasets involving genetic and small molecule manipulations of…

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  • A PLOS Collection Microbes & Host Cell Membrane Interactions

    From binding and altering signaling cascades at the cell surface, to membrane penetration and hijacking of intracellular host membranes, microbes and their toxins interact with host cell membranes in…

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  • A PLOS Collection Enteric Infection and Dysfunction

    The past decade has seen a dramatic increase in global attention to neglected tropical diseases, with remarkable momentum in policy, programs, funding, and research. As we look to the future, it is…

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  • A PLOS Collection The HMAP Collection

    The History of Marine Animal Populations (HMAP) is a global research initiative to study the past ocean life and human interaction with the sea, and is part of the global Census of Marine Life. About…

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  • A PLOS Collection GLBIO 2019

    The 14th Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference 2019 (GLBIO) took place at the University of Wisconsin at Madison from May 19th to 22nd. The conference was organized by the Great Lakes Bioinformatics…

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  • A PLOS Collection Diversity in the Nearshore: The NaGISA Collection

    This collection of papers highlights research performed under the auspices of the Natural Geography in Shore Areas (NaGISA) project, a component of the Census of Marine Life program. NaGISA is a…

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  • A PLOS Collection How Microbes ‘Jeopardize’ the Modern Synthesis

    A commonly held view is that Modern Synthesis furnished a general, unified theory of evolution, and that more recent findings about microbes show that this theory is false in important ways and must…

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  • A PLOS Collection PLOS Biology Top 10%

    At PLOS Biology, we’ve always focused on publishing the highest caliber biological research. Each year, we celebrate the impact our authors have had across the biology research landscape and…

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  • A PLOS Collection PLOS Genetics Research Prize

    Each year, you are invited to nominate your favorite PLOS Genetics Research Article for our Research Prize, an initiative that recognizes and rewards outstanding primary research. The journal’s…

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  • A PLOS Collection WorldLeish-6

    There are currently 350 million people in 98 countries at risk of developing leishmaniasis, the vector-borne parasitic disease caused by various species of trypanosomatid protozoa in the genus of…

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