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Special Collections

“I will continue to come to PLOS first with topics that I know are important but fear others will consider too ‘niche’ or too controversial.​”

PLOS Partner, Cathy Zimmerman, LSHTM
Human Trafficking, Exploitation and Health
PLOS Special Collections are important thematic issues or group projects of a variety of research outputs that need publishing and promotion. So far, over 45 funders, research consortiums and conference organizers have trusted PLOS to publish their Special Collections, exposing the research to thousands of relevant researchers and giving their high profile projects the visibility they deserve. Recent notable Special Collections include:
PLOS Collections receive an average of 20,000 pageviews per month. Our Search Engine Optimization team ensures that Special Collections are as discoverable as possible, collaborating with our marketing teams to guarantee targeted exposure to key researchers in  your field.


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Archive Collections

Archive Collections dive into the PLOS corpus to curate content on particular topics, such as Sport and Exercise Science and Craniofacial Genetics and include the collation of journal series such as PLOS Computational Biology’s  Ten Simple Rules or PLOS Pathogen’s  Pearls. Archive Collections also include a number of collections on important topics within STM publishing itself, such as The Missing Pieces: A Collection of Negative, Null and Inconclusive Results.
Whilst some Archive Collections are initiated by PLOS staff editors, the PLOS Collections Team also welcomes proposals for new Archive Collections. Contact us to propose a new Archive Collection.


Calls for Papers Collections

Responses to calls for papers are also collated into Collections. 
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