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Great Lakes Bioinformatics (GLBIO)

Since 2016, the Great Lakes Bioinformatics (GLBIO) Consortium has collaborated with PLOS to create freely available, open access collections of the research articles accepted by the committee at the annual GLBIO conference.

This conference provides an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of research findings and methods, and aims to foster long term collaborative relationships and networking opportunities within the domain of computational approaches to biology.

The DREAM systems biology challenges: a Dialogue for Reverse Engineering Assessment and Methods

This Collection contains papers representing the output of the best performing methods in the DREAM challenges, which themselves were discussed and presented at the DREAM (Dialogue for Reverse Engineering Assessment and Methods) conferences, which have been running annually since 2007.


The Rosetta macromolecular modeling, prediction and design software suite is supported and used by a large community, who meet each year at RosettaCon. This series of three collections draw from research presented at RosettaCon, demonstrating exciting advances in the usability and methodology of Rosetta.

RECOMB Regulatory Genomics and Systems Biology 2009

In a joint venture between PLOS Computational Biology, PLOS ONE and the conference program committee, this collection draws together papers from the 6th Annual RECOMB Satellite on Regulatory Genomics and the 5th Annual RECOMB Satellite onSystems Biology, held jointly at MIT, December 2-6, 2009

Proceedings of the Third International Barcode of Life Conference, Mexico City

DNA barcoding was proposed formally in 2003 as a technique for species diagnosis and identification using short standardized gene regions. Since then, it has grown from small cottage industry status to an international initiative. This Collection includes a selection of articles from the speakers in the plenary sessions at the Mexico City barcode conference.

Translational Bioinformatics

'Translational Bioinformatics' is a collection of PLOS Computational Biology Education articles which reads as a "book" to be used as a reference or tutorial for a graduate level introductory course on the science of translational bioinformatics.

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This collection aims to increase the coverage of computational biology and genetics-related topics in Wikipedia by rewarding authors with a citable, PubMed-indexed static version of the living document on Wikipedia.


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