Dementia Special Issue - Guest Editors

Dr. Carol Brayne

Guest Editor, PLOS Medicine

Special Issue: Dementia Across the Lifespan and Around the Globe

Dr. Brayne is Professor of Public Health Medicine in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care in the University of Cambridge and Director of the Cambridge Institute of Public Health. She is also a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Great Britain and a Senior Investigator of the National Institute of Health Research in England.

Dr. Brayne is a medically qualified epidemiologist and public health academic. She graduated in medicine from the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, University of London and went on to train in general medicine. After gaining membership she moved on to training in epidemiology with a Training Fellowship with the Medical Research Council. The research area for this Fellowship was ageing and dementia.

Since the mid eighties Dr. Brayne’s main research area has been longitudinal studies of older people following changes over time in cognition, dementia natural history and associated features with a public health perspective.

She is lead principal investigator in the group of MRC CFA Studies which have informed and will continue to inform national policy and scientific understanding of dementia in whole populations. She has been responsible for training programmes in epidemiology and public health for under and postgraduates since the early nineties.

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Dr. Bruce L. Miller

Guest Editor, PLOS Medicine

Special Issue: Dementia Across the Lifespan and Around the Globe

Dr. Miller holds the A.W. and Mary Margaret Clausen Distinguished Professorship in Neurology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). He directs the busy UCSF dementia center where patients in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond receive comprehensive clinical evaluations. His goal is the delivery of model care to all of the patients who enter the clinical and research programs at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center (MAC).
Dr. Miller is a behavioral neurologist focused on dementia with special interests in brain and behavior relationships as well as the genetic and molecular underpinnings of disease. His work in frontotemporal dementia (FTD) emphasizes both the behavioral and emotional deficits that characterize these patients, while simultaneously noting the visual creativity that can emerge in the setting of FTD. 

He is the principal investigator of the NIH-sponsored Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) and program project on FTD called Frontotemporal Dementia: Genes, Imaging and Emotions. He oversees a healthy aging program, which includes an artist in residence program. He co-directs the Global Brain Health Institute, which works to reduce the scale and impact of dementia around the world by training and supporting a new generation of leaders to translate research evidence into effective policy and practice. He is a member of the National Academy of Medicine and the President of the International Society for Frontotemporal Dementia.

 In addition, he helps lead two philanthropy-funded research consortia, the Tau Consortium and Consortium for Frontotemporal Research, focused on developing treatments for tau and progranulin disorders, respectively. 

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  • UC San Francisco, Memory and Aging Center, Department of Neurology 

Advisor / Director:

  • The Tau Consortium - Scientific Advisor
  • The John Douglas French Foundation - Medical Advisor
  • The Larry L. Hillblom Foundation, Medical Advisory Board
  • National Institute for Health Research - Director
  • Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre and its subunit, the Biomedical Research Unit in Dementia (UK)
  • American Brain Foundation (ABF) - Board Member
  • University of Washington ADRC - External Advisor
  • Stanford University ADRC - External Advisor
  • Arizona Alzheimer’s Disease Center (ADC) - External Advisor
  • International Society of FTD - USA-President, Executive Committee


  • National Institute of Health/National Institute of Aging grants: P50AG023501, P01AG019724, P50 AG1657303, and T32 AG023481
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Dementia Care Ecosystem 1C1CMS331346-01-00
  • UCSF / Quest Diagnostics Dementia Pathway Collaboration Research Grant


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