Special Collection Publication Fees

To provide Open Access, PLOS uses a business model to offset expenses – including those of peer review management, journal production and online hosting and archiving – by charging a publication fee to the authors, institutions or funders for each article published.

Special Collections are managed by the PLOS Collections team ( and are by arrangement only. Papers to be submitted for inclusion in a Special Collection should be proposed in advance and the project agreed by PLOS Collections and the participating journals. Papers submitted to PLOS for inclusion in a Special Collection will undergo the same rigorous peer review as any paper submitted as a standalone article to one of the PLOS journals and PLOS remains under no obligation to publish any of the papers submitted for inclusion in a Special Collection.

Due to the additional costs of project managing and publishing Special Collections, PLOS charges an additional fee for each article – both research and non-research papers – published as part of a Special Collection.

More information on the terms and fees for Special Collections at PLOS:  Full Terms of PLOS Special Collections
Journal Article Processing Charge Collection Surcharge Total charge per article
PLOS Biology $3000 $1000 $4000
PLOS Medicine $3000 $1000 $4000
PLOS Computational Biology $2350 $750 $3100
PLOS Genetics $2350 $750 $3100
PLOS Pathogens $2350 $750 $3100
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases $2350 $750 $3100
PLOS ONE $1595 $500 $2095