PLOS Computational Biology: Focus Features

PLOS Computational Biology "Focus Features" are a resource to encourage community engagement and discussion on a focussed topic. A Focus Feature is directed by the editors with a view to ‘shape the debate’ on a topic of interest to the computational biology community. By consisting of a small number of articles, each Focus Feature may draw on new and old research in order to further the conversation. 


Protein Functions

This Focus Feature led by Jacquelyn S. Fetrow and Patricia C. Babbitt focuses on understanding the different molecular functions that can exist within a protein superfamily and the features that define those differences.



Network Approaches and Applications in Biology

This Focus Feature, led by Ruth Nussinov and Trey Ideker, addresses some of the most exciting current opportunities and challenges in the field of Network Biology.



Genome Landscapes and Phenotype Prediction of Disease

This Focus Feature led by Rachel Karchin and Ruth Nussinov highlights strategies to predict the phenotypic disease consequences of human germline and somatic variation.



Allostery: Concepts, Methods & Applications

This Focus Feature, led by Jin Liu and Ruth Nussinov, commemorates the 10th anniversary of PLOS Computational Biology and puts a spotlight on Allostery.


The Ethics of Big Data

This Focus Feature, led by Philip E. Bourne, addresses the ethical challenges that accompany the use of “big data” in biology and medicine.