PLOS ONE 10 Year Anniversary Collections

To celebrate PLOS ONE turning 10, we have curated a number of collections on topics close to the journal’s drive and heart.

Editorial Board Favorites

Representing the wide breadth of expertise among the nearly 6,000 hard-working members of the PLOS ONE Editorial Board.


A Decade of Missing Pieces

Exploring the value of null and negative results, replication and refutation studies.

The Must Downloads

Highlighting articles that were downloaded at exceptional rates when compared to their total views.

New Species

Highlighting a selection of articles describing new species PLOS ONE has published since its inception.

Policy Impact

Highlighting a selection of articles that have impacted policy in the areas of climate change research, conservation science and global health.

Interdisciplinary Research

Featuring diverse interdisciplinary research articles published at PLOS ONE that exemplify how innovative work bridging disciplines has contributed to scientific progress over the past decade.

In the Media

A look back at some of the research that has made the headlines across the globe.


Highlighting articles with datasets that are important, widely used or well-reported.

10 Highly Cited Articles

Though citation levels vary dramatically by field, and numerous other factors, these articles from the past 10 years stand out for garnering extraordinary numbers of citations. 

Staff Editors' Favorites

Kicking off the first of the 10th Anniversary Collections, the Staff Editors of the journal have each chosen their favorite PLOS ONE article from the 10 year archive.