PLOS ONE 2017 Most Impactful

PLOS ONE 2017 Most Impactful

Every year, the team here at PLOS ONE celebrates those studies that have been recognized by the scientific community as the most impactful - through high numbers of views, downloads and citations. These studies reflect the quality and breadth of reach that our authors’ research has. Our commitment at PLOS ONE is to publish all well-performed research and amplify its discoverability so that it reaches communities where it has the most impact. We hope you enjoy this Collection.

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Biochemical Research Methods

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Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems

Cell Biology

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Biochemical Research Methods


Genetically encoded ratiometric fluorescent thermometer with wide range and rapid response
Nakano, Masahiro; Arai, Yoshiyuki; Kotera, Ippei; Okabe, Kohki; Kamei, Yasuhiro

Flow Cytometric Single-Cell Identification of Populations in Synthetic Bacterial Communities
Rubbens, Peter; Props, Ruben; Boon, Nico; Waegeman, Willem

LipidFrag: Improving reliability of in silico fragmentation of lipids and application to the Caenorhabditis elegans lipidome
Witting, Michael; Ruttkies, Christoph; Neumann, Steffen; Schmitt-Kopplin, Philippe

Accurate and fast feature selection workflow for high-dimensional omics data
Perez-Riverol, Yasset; Kuhn, Max; Vizcaino, Juan Antonio; Hitz, Marc-Phillip; Audain, Enrique

High-throughput electrophysiological assays for voltage gated ion channels using SyncroPatch 768PE
Li, Tianbo; Lu, Gang; Chiang, Eugene Y.; Chernov-Rogan, Tania; Grogan, Jane L.

Disease-related gene module detection based on a multi-label propagation clustering algorithm
Jiang, Xue; Zhang, Han; Quan, Xiongwen; Liu, Zhandong; Yin, Yanbin

Altered nucleocytoplasmic proteome and transcriptome distributions in an in vitro model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Kim, Jee-Eun; Hong, Yoon Ho; Kim, Jin Young; Jeon, Gye Sun; Jung, Jung Hee

Developing and Testing a Bayesian Analysis of Fluorescence Lifetime Measurements
Kaye, Bryan; Foster, Peter J.; Yoo, Tae Yeon; Needleman, Daniel J.

A modified FASP protocol for high-throughput preparation of protein samples for mass spectrometry
Potriquet, Jeremy; Laohaviroj, Marut; Bethony, Jeffrey M.; Mulvenna, Jason

Post-translational modifications of FDA-approved plasma biomarkers in glioblastoma samples
Petushkova, Natalia A.; Zgoda, Victor G.; Pyatnitskiy, Mikhail A.; Larina, Olesya V.; Teryaeva, Nadezhda B.



Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


THPdb: Database of FDA-approved peptide and protein therapeutics
Usmani, Salman Sadullah; Bedi, Gursimran; Samuel, Jesse S.; Singh, Sandeep; Kalra, Sourav

Uncovering the molecular and physiological processes of anticancer leads binding human serum albumin: A physical insight into drug efficacy
Liu, Chuanbo; Liu, Zuojia; Wang, Jin

Examining Sources of Error in PCR by Single-Molecule Sequencing
Potapov, Vladimir; Ong, Jennifer L.

Long non-coding RNA HOTAIR inhibits miR-17-5p to regulate osteogenic differentiation and proliferation in nontraumatic osteonecrosis of femoral head
Wei, Biaofang; Wei, Wei; Zhao, Baoxiang; Guo, Xiaxia; Liu, Song

Role of the long non-coding RNA PVT1 in the dysregulation of the ceRNA-ceRNA network in human breast cancer
Conte, Federica; Fiscon, Giulia; Chiara, Matteo; Colombo, Teresa; Farina, Lorenzo

Metabox: A Toolbox for Metabolomic Data Analysis, Interpretation and Integrative Exploration
Wanichthanarak, Kwanjeera; Fan, SiLi; Grapov, Dmitry; Barupal, Dinesh Kumar; Fiehn, Oliver

The human plasma-metabolome: Reference values in 800 French healthy volunteers; impact of cholesterol, gender and age
Trabado, Severine; Al-Salameh, Abdallah; Croixmarie, Vincent; Masson, Perrine; Corruble, Emmanuelle

Progress towards a public chemogenomic set for protein kinases and a call for contributions
Drewry, David H.; Wells, Carrow I.; Andrews, David M.; Angell, Richard; Al-Ali, Hassan

Preference of Conjugated Bile Acids over Unconjugated Bile Acids as Substrates for OATP1B1 and OATP1B3
Suga, Takahiro; Yamaguchi, Hiroaki; Sato, Toshihiro; Maekawa, Masamitsu; Goto, Junichi

Excessive aggregation of membrane proteins in the Martini model
Javanainen, Matti; Martinez-Seara, Hector; Vattulainen, Ilpo



Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology


Comparing and Evaluating Metagenome Assembly Tools from a Microbiologist's Perspective - Not Only Size Matters!
Vollmers, John; Wiegand, Sandra; Kaster, Anne-Kristin

RNA-Seq differential expression analysis: An extended review and a software tool
Costa-Silva, Juliana; Domingues, Douglas; Lopes, Fabricio Martins

BBMerge - Accurate paired shotgun read merging via overlap
Bushnell, Brian; Rood, Jonathan; singer, Esther

A Method for Finding Metabolic Pathways Using Atomic Group Tracking
Huang, Yiran; Zhong, Cheng; Lin, Hai Xiang; Wang, Jianyi

MGmapper: Reference based mapping and taxonomy annotation of metagenomics sequence reads
Petersen, Thomas Nordahl; Lukjancenko, Oksana; Thomsen, Martin Christen Frolund; Sperotto, Maria Maddalena; Lund, Ole

metaSNV: A tool for metagenomic strain level analysis
Costea, Paul Igor; Munch, Robin; Coelho, Luis Pedro; Paoli, Lucas; Sunagawa, Shinichi

Assessing the genome level diversity of Listeria monocytogenes from contaminated ice cream and environmental samples linked to a listeriosis outbreak in the United States
Chen, YI; Luo, Yan; Curry, Phillip; Timme, Ruth; Melka, David

Microbial Community in a Biofilter for Removal of Low Load Nitrobenzene Waste Gas
Zhai, Jian; Wang, Zhu; Shi, Peng; Long, Chao

Dynamics of triacylglycerol and EPA production in Phaeodactylum tricornutum under nitrogen starvation at different light intensities
Remmers, Ilse M.; Martens, Dirk E.; Wijffels, Rene H.; Lamers, Packo P.

Assessment of Common and Emerging Bioinformatics Pipelines for Targeted Metagenomics
Siegwald, Lea; Touzet, Helene; Lemoine, Yves; Hot, David; Audebert, Christophe



Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems


Economic Evaluation of PCSK9 Inhibitors in Reducing Cardiovascular Risk from Health System and Private Payer Perspectives
Arrieta, Alejandro; Page, Timothy F.; Veledar, Emir; Nasir, Khurram

An open-label, non-randomized study of the pharmacokinetics of the nutritional supplement nicotinamide riboside (NR) and its effects on blood NAD plus levels in healthy volunteers
Airhart, Sophia E.; Shireman, Laura M.; Risler, Linda J.; Anderson, Gail D.; Gowda, G. A. Nagana

Temporal trends of antithrombotic therapy for stroke prevention in Korean patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation in the era of non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants: A nationwide population-based study
Lee, So-Ryoung; Choi, Eue-Keun; Han, Kyung-Do; Cha, Myung-Jin; Oh, Seil

Dysbiosis and compositional alterations with aging in the gut microbiota of patients with heart failure
Kamo, Takehiro; Akazawa, Hiroshi; Suda, Wataru; Saga-Kamo, Akiko; Shimizu, Yu

Growth Hormone Deficiency Is Associated with Worse Cardiac Function, Physical Performance, and Outcome in Chronic Heart Failure: Insights from the TOSCA. GHD Study
Arcopinto, Michele; Salzano, Andrea; Giallauria, Francesco; Bossone, Eduardo; Isgaard, Joergen

Real world heart failure epidemiology and outcome: A population-based analysis of 88,195 patients
Farre, Nuria; Vela, Emili; Cleries, Montse; Bustins, Montse; Cainzos-Achirica, Miguel

Percutaneous coronary intervention in left main coronary artery disease with or without intravascular ultrasound: A meta-analysis
Ye, Yicong; Yang, Ming; Zhang, Shuyang; Zeng, Yong

Impact of clinical registries on quality of patient care and clinical outcomes: A systematic review
Hoque, Dewan Md Emdadul; Kumari, Varuni; Hoque, Masuma; Ruseckaite, Rasa; Romero, Lorena

Fish oil omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids attenuate oxidative stress-induced DNA damage in vascular endothelial cells
Sakai, Chiemi; Ishida, Mari; Ohba, Hideo; Yamashita, Hiromitsu; Uchida, Hitomi

Doxorubicin-induced oxidative stress: The protective effect of nicorandil on HL-1 cardiomyocytes
Asensio-Lopez, Mari C.; Soler, Fernando; Pascual-Figal, Domingo; Fernandez-Belda, Francisco; Lax, Antonio



Cell Biology


A Comparative Study of Serum Exosome Isolation Using Differential Ultracentrifugation and Three Commercial Reagents
Helwa, Inas; Cai, Jingwen; Drewry, Michelle D.; Zimmerman, Arthur; Dinkins, Michael B.

New evidence that a large proportion of human blood plasma cell-free DNA is localized in exosomes
Fernando, M. Rohan; Jiang, Chao; Krzyzanowski, Gary D.; Ryan, Wayne L.

Preconditioning of adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells with deferoxamine increases the production of pro-angiogenic, neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory factors: Potential application in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy
Oses, Carolina; Olivares, Belen; Ezquer, Marcelo; Acosta, Cristian; Bosch, Paul

Integrated transcriptomic and proteomic analysis of the molecular cargo of extracellular vesicles derived from porcine adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells
Eirin, Alfonso; Zhu, Xiang-Yang; Puranik, Amrutesh S.; Woollard, John R.; Tang, Hui

Characterization of three-dimensional cancer cell migration in mixed collagen-Matrigel scaffolds using microfluidics and image analysis
Anguiano, Maria; Castilla, Carlos; Maska, Martin; Ederra, Cristina; Pelaez, Rafael

The Warburg effect as an adaptation of cancer cells to rapid fluctuations in energy demand
Epstein, Tamir; Gatenby, Robert A.; Brown, Joel S.

TNF alpha alters occludin and cerebral endothelial permeability: Role of p38MAPK
Ni, Yawen; Teng, Tao; Li, Runting; Simonyi, Agnes; Sun, Grace Y.

Fluid Dynamics Appearing during Simulated Microgravity Using Random Positioning Machines
Wuest, Simon L.; Stern, Philip; Casartelli, Ernesto; Egli, Marcel

ALS skeletal muscle shows enhanced TGF-beta signaling, fibrosis and induction of fibro/adipogenic progenitor markers
Gonzalez, David; Contreras, Osvaldo; Rebolledo, Daniela L.; Pablo Espinoza, Juan; van Zundert, Brigitte

Efficient and robust differentiation of endothelial cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells via lineage control with VEGF and cyclic AMP
Ikuno, Takeshi; Masumoto, Hidetoshi; Yamamizu, Kohei; Yoshioka, Miki; Minakata, Kenji



Clinical Neurology


Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) and chronic cognitive impairment: A scoping review
McInnes, Kerry; Friesen, Christopher L.; MacKenzie, Diane E.; Westwood, David A.; Boe, Shaun G.

Evolution of blood-brain-barrier permeability after acute ischemic stroke
Merali, Zamir; Huang, Kun; Mikulis, David; Silver, Frank; Kassner, Andrea

Aerobic exercise for Alzheimer's disease: A randomized controlled pilot trial
Morris, Jill K.; Vidoni, Eric D.; Johnson, David K.; Van Sciver, Angela; Mahnken, Jonathan D.

Multiple modality biomarker prediction of cognitive impairment in prospectively followed de novo Parkinson disease
Caspell-Garcia, Chelsea; Simuni, Tanya; Tosun-Turgut, Duygu; Wu, I-Wei; Zhang, YU

Mediterranean diet and cognitive health: Initial results from the Hellenic Longitudinal Investigation of Ageing and Diet
Anastasiou, Costas A.; Yannakoulia, Mary; Kosmidis, Mary H.; Dardiotis, Efthimios; Hadjigeorgiou, Giorgos M.

Wearable sensors objectively measure gait parameters in Parkinson's disease
Schlachetzki, Johannes C. M.; Barth, Jens; Marxreiter, Franz; Gossler, Julia; Kohl, Zacharias

Uncovering precision phenotype-biomarker associations in traumatic brain injury using topological data analysis
Nielson, Jessica L.; Cooper, Shelly R.; Yue, John K.; Sorani, Marco D.; Inoue, Tomoo

Progression of Parkinson's disease is associated with gut dysbiosis: Two-year follow-up study
Minato, Tomomi; Maeda, Tetsuya; Fujisawa, Yoshiro; Tsuji, Hirokazu; Nomoto, Koji

Tai chi for health benefits in patients with multiple sclerosis: A systematic review
Zou, Liye; Wang, Huiru; Xiao, Zhongjun; Fang, Qun; Zhang, Mark

Head Injury as a Risk Factor for Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of 32 Observational Studies
Li, Yanjun; Li, Yongming; Li, Xiaotao; Zhang, Shuang; Zhao, Jincheng





More than 75 percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected areas
Hallmann, Caspar A.; Sorg, Martin; Jongejans, Eelke; Siepel, Henk; Hofland, Nick

A global review of past land use, climate, and active vs. passive restoration effects on forest recovery
Meli, Paula; Holl, Karen D.; Rey Benayas, Jose Maria; Jones, Holly P.; Jones, Peter C.

A systematic review of ecological attributes that confer resilience to climate change in environmental restoration
Timpane-Padgham, Britta L.; Beechie, Tim; Klinger, Terrie

Unmanned aircraft systems as a new source of disturbance for wildlife: A systematic review
Mulero-Pazmany, Margarita; Jenni-Eiermann, Susanne; Strebel, Nicolas; Sattler, Thomas; Jose Negro, Juan

Anthropological contributions to historical ecology: 50 questions, infinite prospects
Armstrong, Chelsey Geralda; Shoemaker, Anna C.; McKechnie, Iain; Ekblom, Anneli; Szabo, Peter

Wanted dead or alive? Using metabarcoding of environmental DNA and RNA to distinguish living assemblages for biosecurity applications
Pochon, Xavier; Zaiko, Anastasija; Fletcher, Lauren M.; Laroche, Olivier; Wood, Susanna A.

The diversity and evolution of ecological and environmental citizen science
Pocock, Michael J.; Tweddle, John C.; Savage, Joanna; Robinson, Lucy D.; Roy, Helen E.

Methods to maximise recovery of environmental DNA from water samples
Hinlo, Rheyda; Gleeson, Dianne; Lintermans, Mark; Furlan, Elise

Monitoring of noble, signal and narrow-clawed crayfish using environmental DNA from freshwater samples
Agersnap, Sune; Larsen, William Brenner; Knudsen, Steen Wilhelm; Strand, David; Thomsen, Philip Francis

Biomonitoring of marine vertebrates in Monterey Bay using eDNA metabarcoding
Andruszkiewicz, Elizabeth A.; Starks, Hilary A.; Chavez, Francisco P.; Sassoubre, Lauren M.; Block, Barbara A.





Complex Economies Have a Lateral Escape from the Poverty Trap
Pugliese, Emanuele; Chiarotti, Guido L.; Zaccaria, Andrea; Pietronero, Luciano

What matters for life satisfaction among the oldest-old? Evidence from China
Ng, Sor Tho; Tey, Nai Peng; Asadullah, M. Niaz

Foregone benefits of important food crop improvements in Sub-Saharan Africa
Wesseler, Justus; Smart, Richard D.; Thomson, Jennifer; Zilberman, David

The complex dynamics of products and its asymptotic properties
Angelini, Orazio; Cristelli, Matthieu; Zaccaria, Andrea; Pietronero, Luciano

Supermarket purchase contributes to nutrition-related non-communicable diseases in urban Kenya
Demmler, Kathrin M.; Klasen, Stephan; Nzuma, Jonathan M.; Qaim, Matin

Rural Household Preferences for Active Participation in "Payment for Ecosystem Service" Programs: A Case in the Miyun Reservoir Catchment, China
Li, Hao; Bennett, Michael T.; Jiang, Xuemei; Zhang, Kebin; Yang, Xiaohui

Proximal Association of Land Management Preferences: Evidence from Family Forest Owners
Aguilar, Francisco X.; Cai, Zhen; Butler, Brett

Natural disasters and indicators of social cohesion
Calo-Blanco, Aitor; Kovarik, Jaromir; Mengel, Friederike; Gabriel Romero, Jose

Efficiency and optimal size of hospitals: Results of a systematic search
Giancotti, Monica; Guglielmo, Annamaria; Mauro, Marianna

Economic development and wage inequality: A complex system analysis
Sbardella, Angelica; Pugliese, Emanuele; Pietronero, Luciano



Endocrinology & Metabolism


Vitamin D and mortality: Individual participant data meta-analysis of standardized 25-hydroxyvitamin D in 26916 individuals from a European consortium
Gaksch, Martin; Jorde, Rolf; Grimnes, Guri; Joakimsen, Ragnar; Schirmer, Henrik

Non-skeletal health effects of vitamin D supplementation: A systematic review on findings from meta-analyses summarizing trial data
Rejnmark, Lars; Bislev, Lise Sofie; Cashman, Kevin D.; Eirisksdottir, Gudny; Gaksch, Martin

Deaths Attributable to Diabetes in the United States: Comparison of Data Sources and Estimation Approaches
Stokes, Andrew; Preston, Samuel H.

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of melatonin on LPS-stimulated bovine mammary epithelial cells
Yu, Guang-Min; Kubota, Hirokazu; Okita, Miki; Maeda, Teruo

Effectiveness of mHealth interventions for patients with diabetes: An overview of systematic reviews
Kitsiou, Spyros; Pare, Guy; Jaana, Mirou; Gerber, Ben

Alterations in Gut Microbiome Composition and Barrier Function Are Associated with Reproductive and Metabolic Defects in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): A Pilot Study
Lindheim, Lisa; Bashir, Mina; Muenzker, Julia; Trummer, Christian; Zachhuber, Verena

Antioxidant agents for delaying diabetic kidney disease progression: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Bolignano, Davide; Cernaro, Valeria; Gembillo, Guido; Baggetta, Rossella; Buemi, Michele

Diagnostic utility of corneal confocal microscopy and intra-epidermal nerve fibre density in diabetic neuropathy
Alam, Uazman; Jeziorska, Maria; Petropoulos, Loannis N.; Asghar, Omar; Fadavi, Hassan

Incidence of lower extremity amputations in the diabetic compared with the non-diabetic population: A systematic review
Narres, Maria; Kvitkina, Tatjana; Claessen, Heiner; Droste, Sigrid; Schuster, Bjoern

Beneficial effects of metformin on energy metabolism and visceral fat volume through a possible mechanism of fatty acid oxidation in human subjects and rats
Tokubuchi, Ichiro; Tajiri, Yuji; Iwata, Shimpei; Hara, Kento; Wada, Nobuhiko



Environmental Sciences


Properties of biochar derived from wood and high-nutrient biomasses with the aim of agronomic and environmental benefits
Domingues, Rimena R.; Trugilho, Paulo F.; Silva, Carlos A.; de Melo, Isabel Cristina N. A.; Melo, Leonidas C. A.

Impacts of forest restoration on water yield: A systematic review
Filoso, Solange; Bezerra, Maria Ometto; Weiss, Katherine C. B.; Palmer, Margaret A.

A new, high-resolution global mass coral bleaching database
Donner, Simon D.; Rickbeil, Gregory J. M.; Heron, Scott F.

The potential impact of new Andean dams on Amazon fluvial ecosystems
Forsberg, Bruce R.; Melack, John M.; Dunne, Thomas; Barthem, Ronaldo B.; Goulding, Michael

Mercury-induced epigenetic transgenerational inheritance of abnormal neurobehavior is correlated with sperm epimutations in zebrafish
Carvan, Michael J., III; Kalluvila, Thomas A.; Klingler, Rebekah H.; Larson, Jeremy K.; Pickens, Matthew

Nitrate capture and slow release in biochar amended compost and soil
Hagemann, Nikolas; Kammann, Claudia I.; Schmidt, Hans-Peter; Kappler, Andreas; Behrens, Sebastian

Dietary cadmium exposure assessment among the Chinese population
Song, Yan; Wang, Yibana; Mao, Weifeng; Sui, Haixia; Yong, Ling

Relational values resonate broadly and differently than intrinsic or instrumental values, or the New Ecological Paradigm
Klain, Sarah C.; Olmsted, Paige; Chan, Kai M. A.; Satterfield, Terre

Maternal residential proximity to unconventional gas development and perinatal outcomes among a diverse urban population in Texas
Whitworth, Kristina W.; Marshall, Amanda K.; Symanski, Elaine

Direct and indirect effects of different types of microplastics on freshwater prey (Corbicula fluminea) and their predator (Acipenser transmontanus)
Rochman, Chelsea M.; Parnis, J. Mark; Browne, Mark A.; Serrato, Sebastian; Reiner, Eric J.



Food Science & Technology


Modulation of nutrient composition of black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae by feeding seaweed-enriched media
Liland, Nina S.; Biancarosa, Irene; Araujo, Pedro; Biemans, Daan; Bruckner, Christian G.

Isolation and characterization of gluten protein types from wheat, rye, barley and oats for use as reference materials
Schalk, Kathrin; Lexhaller, Barbara; Koehler, Peter; Scherf, Katharina Anne

Mycotoxin profiling of 1000 beer samples with a special focus on craft beer
Peters, Jeroen; van Dam, Ruud; Van Doorn, Ronald; Katerere, David; Berthiller, Franz

Comparative Exposure Assessment of ESBL-Producing Escherichia coli through Meat Consumption
Evers, Eric G.; Pielaat, Annemarie; Smid, Joost H.; van Duijkeren, Engeline; Vennemann, Francy B. C.

Antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiparasitic, and cytotoxic properties of various Brazilian propolis extracts
Dantas Silva, Rejane Pina; Souza Machado, Bruna Aparecida; Barreto, Gabriele de Abreu; Costa, Samantha Serra; Andrade, Luciana Nalone

Attribution of global foodborne disease to specific foods: Findings from a World Health Organization structured expert elicitation
Hoffmann, Sandra; Devleesschauwer, Brecht; Aspinall, Willy; Cooke, Roger; Corrigan, Tim

Application of near-infrared hyperspectral imaging to discriminate different geographical origins of Chinese wolfberries
Yin, Wenxin; Zhang, Chu; Zhu, Hongyan; Zhao, Yanru; He, Yong

Peptide Fractions Obtained from Rice By-Products by Means of an Environment-Friendly Process Show In Vitro Health-Related Bioactivities
Ferri, Maura; Graen-Heedfeld, Jurgen; Bretz, Karlheinz; Guillon, Fabien; Michelini, Elisa

Oxidative stress and apoptosis induction in human thyroid carcinoma cells exposed to the essential oil from Pistacia lentiscus aerial parts
Catalani, Simona; Palma, Francesco; Battistelli, Serafina; Benedetti, Serena

Isolation, Characterization and Evaluation of Collagen from Jellyfish Rhopilema esculentum Kishinouye for Use in Hemostatic Applications
Cheng, Xiaochen; Shao, Ziyu; Li, Chengbo; Yu, Lejun; Raja, Mazhar Ali



Gastroenterology & Hepatology


Prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and risk factors for advanced fibrosis and mortality in the United States
Le, Michael H.; Devaki, Pardha; Ha, Nghiem B.; Jun, Dae Won; Te, Helen S.

Low fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols (FODMAP) diet improves symptoms in adults suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) compared to standard IBS diet: A metaanalysis of clinical studies
Varju, Peter; Farkas, Nelli; Hegyi, Peter; Garami, Andras; Szabo, Imre

Enhanced offspring predisposition to steatohepatitis with maternal high-fat diet is associated with epigenetic and microbiome alterations
Wankhade, Umesh D.; Zhong, Ying; Kang, Ping; Alfaro, Maria; Chintapalli, Sree V.

The Smc5/6 Complex Restricts HBV when Localized to ND10 without Inducing an Innate Immune Response and Is Counteracted by the HBV X Protein Shortly after Infection
Niu, Congrong; Livingston, Christine M.; Li, LI; Beran, Rudolf K.; Daffis, Stephane

Fecal microbiota transplantation in patients with slow-transit constipation: A randomized, clinical trial
Tian, Hongliang; Ge, Xiaolong; Nie, Yongzhan; Yang, Linfeng; Ding, Chao

Cost-effectiveness of hepatitis C treatment using generic direct-acting antivirals available in India
Aggarwal, Rakesh; Chen, Qiushi; Goel, Amit; Seguy, Nicole; Pendse, Razia

Prevalence and determinants of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in lifelines: A large Dutch population cohort
van den Berg, Eline H.; Amini, Marzyeh; Schreuder, Tim C. M. A.; Dullaart, Robin P. F.; Faber, Klaas Nico

Efficacy and safety of 5-hydroxytryptamine 3 receptor antagonists in irritable bowel syndrome: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Zheng, Yongping; Yu, Ting; Tang, Yurong; Xiong, Wenjie; Shen, Xiaoxue

Prognostic value of sarcopenia in patients with liver cirrhosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Kim, Gaeun; Kang, Seong Hee; Kim, Moon Young; Baik, Soon Koo

Alcohol-related changes in the intestinal microbiome influence neutrophil infiltration, inflammation and steatosis in early alcoholic hepatitis in mice
Lowe, Patrick P.; Gyongyosi, Benedek; Satishchandran, Abhishek; Iracheta-Vellve, Arvin; Ambade, Aditya



Genetics & Heredity


The distribution of runs of homozygosity and selection signatures in six commercial meat sheep breeds
Purfield, Deirdre C.; McParland, Sinead; Wall, Eamon; Berry, Donagh P.

Identification of shared risk loci and pathways for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
Forstner, Andreas J.; Hecker, Julian; Hofmann, Andrea; Maaser, Anna; Reinbold, Celine S.

Comparing Ancient DNA Preservation in Petrous Bone and Tooth Cementum
Hansen, Henrik B.; Damgaard, Peter B.; Margaryan, Ashot; Stenderup, Jesper; Lynnerup, Niels

Comparison of whole genome amplification techniques for human single cell exome sequencing
Borgstrom, Erik; Paterlini, Marta; Mold, Jeff E.; Frisen, Jonas; Lundeberg, Joakim

Evaluating phecodes, clinical classification software, and ICD-9-CM codes for phenomewide association studies in the electronic health record
Wei, Wei-Qi; Bastarache, Lisa A.; Carroll, Robert J.; Marlo, Joy E.; Osterman, Travis J.

Enzyme replacement therapy for Anderson-Fabry disease: A complementary overview of a Cochrane publication through a linear regression and a pooled analysis of proportions from cohort studies
El Dib, Regina; Gomaa, Huda; Ortiz, Alberto; Politei, Juan; Kapoor, Anil

Exome sequencing covers > 98% of mutations identified on targeted next generation sequencing panels
LaDuca, Holly; Farwell, Kelly D.; Huy Vuong; Lu, Hsiao-Mei; Mu, Wenbo

Genome-wide association study of facial morphology reveals novel associations with FREM1 and PARK2
Lee, Myoung Keun; Shaffer, John R.; Leslie, Elizabeth J.; Orlova, Ekaterina; Carlson, Jenna C.

Frameshift indels introduced by genome editing can lead to in-frame exon skipping
Lalonde, Simon; Stone, Oliver A.; Lessard, Samuel; Lavertu, Adam; Desjardins, Jessica

A Genome-Wide Association Study for Agronomic Traits in Soybean Using SNP Markers and SNP-Based Haplotype Analysis
Contreras-Soto, Rodrigo Ivan; Mora, Freddy; Rott de Oliveira, Marco Antonio; Higashi, Wilson; Scapim, Carlos Alberto



Geosciences, Multidisciplinary


Earliest Human Presence in North America Dated to the Last Glacial Maximum: New Radiocarbon Dates from Bluefish Caves, Canada
Bourgeon, Lauriane; Burke, Ariane; Higham, Thomas

Late Bronze Age climate change and the destruction of the Mycenaean Palace of Nestor at Pylos
Finne, Martin; Holmgren, Karin; Shen, Chuan-Chou; Hu, Hsun-Ming; Boyd, Meighan

Messinian age and savannah environment of the possible hominin Graecopithecus from Europe
Boehme, Madelaine; Spassov, Nikolai; Ebner, Martin; Geraads, Denis; Hristova, Latinka

Assessing the Impact of Retreat Mechanisms in a Simple Antarctic Ice Sheet Model Using Bayesian Calibration
Ruckert, Kelsey L.; Shaffer, Gary; Pollard, David; Guan, Yawen; Wong, Tony E.

Across the Gap: Geochronological and Sedimentological Analyses from the Late Pleistocene-Holocene Sequence of Goda Buticha, Southeastern Ethiopia
Tribolo, Chantal; Asrat, Asfawossen; Bahain, Jean-Jacques; Chapon, Cecile; Douville, Eric

Dynamics of marsh-mangrove ecotone since the mid-Holocene: A palynological study of mangrove encroachment and sea level rise in the Shark River Estuary, Florida
Yao, Qiang; Liu, Kam-biu

Sea level rise drives increased tidal flooding frequency at tide gauges along the US East and Gulf Coasts: Projections for 2030 and 2045
Dahl, Kristina A.; Fitzpatrick, Melanie F.; Spanger-Siegfried, Erika

Synchrotron imaging and Markov Chain Monte Carlo reveal tooth mineralization patterns
Green, Daniel R.; Green, Gregory M.; Colman, Albert S.; Bidlack, Felicitas B.; Tafforeau, Paul

Ecological impact of the end-Cretaceous extinction on lamniform sharks
Belben, Rachel A.; Underwood, Charlie J.; Johanson, Zerina; Twitchett, Richard J.

Aged dissolved organic carbon exported from rivers of the Tibetan Plateau
Qu, Bin; Sillanpaa, Mika; Li, Chaoliu; Kang, Shichang; Stubbins, Aron





Serotype distribution of Streptococcus pneumoniae causing invasive disease in children in the post-PCV era: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Balsells, Evelyn; Guillot, Laurence; Nair, Harish; Kyaw, Moe H.

Phenotype, function, and differentiation potential of human monocyte subsets
Boyette, Lisa B.; Macedo, Camila; Hadi, Kevin; Elinoff, Beth D.; Walters, John T.

Effectiveness of the 23-Valent Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine (PPV23) against Pneumococcal Disease in the Elderly: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
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In vitro induction of NETosis: Comprehensive live imaging comparison and systematic review
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Impact of human monocyte and macrophage polarization on NLR expression and NLRP3 inflammasome activation
Awad, Fawaz; Assrawi, Eman; Jumeau, Claire; Georgin-Lavialle, Sophie; Cobret, Laetitia

The dual role of short fatty acid chains in the pathogenesis of autoimmune disease models
Mizuno, Miho; Noto, Daisuke; Kaga, Naoko; Chiba, Asako; Miyake, Sachiko

Safety and pharmacodynamics of dalazatide, a Kv1.3 channel inhibitor, in the treatment of plaque psoriasis: A randomized phase 1b trial
Tarcha, Eric J.; Olsen, Chelsea M.; Probst, Peter; Peckham, David; Munoz-Elias, Ernesto J.

Modeling the receptor pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of NKTR-214, a kinetically-controlled interleukin-2 (IL2) receptor agonist for cancer immunotherapy
Charych, Deborah; Khalili, Samira; Dixit, Vidula; Kirk, Peter; Chang, Thomas

MicroRNA expression profiles identify disease-specific alterations in systemic lupus erythematosus and primary Sjogren's syndrome
Chen, Ji-Qing; Papp, Gabor; Poliska, Szilard; Szabo, Krisztina; Tarr, Tunde

Comparative analysis of activation induced marker (AIM) assays for sensitive identification of antigen-specific CD4 T cells
Reiss, Samantha; Baxter, Amy E.; Cirelli, Kimberly M.; Dan, Jennifer M.; Morou, Antigoni



Infectious Diseases


Zika Virus Tissue and Blood Compartmentalization in Acute Infection of Rhesus Macaques
Coffey, Lark L.; Pesavento, Patricia A.; Keesler, Rebekah I.; Singapuri, Anil; Watanabe, Jennifer

Social, structural, behavioral and clinical factors influencing retention in Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) care in Mississippi
Arnold, Trisha; Brinkley-Rubinstein, Lauren; Chan, Philip A.; Perez-Brumer, Amaya; Bologna, Estefany S.

Influenza Vaccination of Healthcare Workers: Critical Analysis of the Evidence for Patient Benefit Underpinning Policies of Enforcement
De Serres, Gaston; Skowronski, Danuta M.; Ward, Brian J.; Gardam, Michael; Lemieux, Camille

HIV infection as vascular risk: A systematic review of the literature and meta-analysis
Gutierrez, Jose; Albuquerque, Ana Leticia A.; Falzon, Louise

Prevalence of colistin resistance gene (mcr-1) containing Enterobacteriaceae in feces of patients attending a tertiary care hospital and detection of a mcr-1 containing, colistin susceptible E-coli
Terveer, Elisabeth M.; Nijhuis, Roel H. T.; Crobach, Monique J. T.; Knetsch, Cornelis W.; Veldkamp, Karin E.

Clinical and economic impact of antibiotic resistance in developing countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Founou, Raspail Carrel; Founou, Luria Leslie; Essack, Sabiha Yusuf

Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae colonization (CRE) and subsequent risk of infection and 90-day mortality in critically ill patients, an observational study
McConville, Thomas Howe; Sullivan, Sean Berger; Gomez-Simmonds, Angela; Whittier, Susan; Uhlemann, Anne-Catrin

Association between diabetes mellitus and active tuberculosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Al-Rifai, Rami H.; Pearson, Fiona; Critchley, Julia A.; Abu-Raddad, Laith J.

Rapid colorimetric detection of Zika virus from serum and urine specimens by reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP)
Calvert, Amanda E.; Biggerstaff, Brad J.; Tanner, Nathan A.; Lauterbach, Molly; Lanciotti, Robert S.

Individual HIV Risk versus Population Impact of Risk Compensation after HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis Initiation among Men Who Have Sex with Men
Jenness, Samuel M.; Sharma, Akshay; Goodreau, Steven M.; Rosenberg, Eli S.; Weiss, Kevin M.



Marine & Freshwater Biology


Mass coral bleaching due to unprecedented marine heatwave in Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument (Northwestern Hawaiian Islands)
Couch, Courtney S.; Burns, John H. R.; Liu, Gang; Steward, Kanoelani; Gutlay, Tiffany Nicole

Ciguatoxicity of Gambierdiscus and Fukuyoa species from the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico
Litaker, R. Wayne; Holland, William C.; Hardison, D. Ransom; Pisapia, Francesco; Hess, Philipp

A coral-algal phase shift in Mesoamerica not driven by changes in herbivorous fish abundance
Ernesto Arias-Gonzalez, Jesus; Fung, Tak; Seymour, Robert M.; Rodrigo Garza-Perez, Joaquin; Acosta-Gonzalez, Gilberto

The Effects of Algal Turf Sediments and Organic Loads on Feeding by Coral Reef Surgeonfishes
Tebbett, Sterling B.; Goatley, Christopher H. R.; Bellwood, David R.

Seagrass blue carbon spatial patterns at the meadow-scale
Oreska, Matthew P. J.; McGlathery, Karen J.; Porter, John H.

Cost and time-effective method for multiscale measures of rugosity, fractal dimension, and vector dispersion from coral reef 3D models
Young, G. C.; Dey, S.; Rogers, A. D.; Exton, D.

How a collaborative integrated taxonomic effort has trained new spongiologists and improved knowledge of Martinique Island (French Antilles, eastern Caribbean Sea) marine biodiversity
Perez, Thierry; Diaz, Maria-Cristina; Ruiz, Cesar; Condor-Lujan, Baslavi; Klautau, Michelle

Assessment and Characterisation of Ireland's Green Tides (Ulva Species)
Wan, Alex H. L.; Wilkes, Robert J.; Heesch, Svenja; Bermejo, Ricardo; Johnson, Mark P.

Estimating blue whale skin isotopic incorporation rates and baleen growth rates: Implications for assessing diet and movement patterns in mysticetes
Busquets-Vass, Geraldine; Newsome, Seth D.; Calambokidis, John; Serra-Valente, Gabriela; Jacobsen, Jeff K.

Community analysis of pigment patterns from 37 microalgae strains reveals new carotenoids and porphyrins characteristic of distinct strains and taxonomic groups
Serive, Benoit; Nicolau, Elodie; Berard, Jean-Baptiste; Kaas, Raymond; Pasquet, Virginie





Baicalin inhibits biofilm formation, attenuates the quorum sensing-controlled virulence and enhances Pseudomonas aeruginosa clearance in a mouse peritoneal implant infection model
Luo, Jing; Dong, Biying; Wang, KE; Cai, Shuangqi; Liu, Tangjuan

Pili-like proteins of Akkermansia muciniphila modulate host immune responses and gut barrier function
Ottman, Noora; Reunanen, Justus; Meijerink, Marjolein; Pietila, Taija E.; Kainulainen, Veera

Gut dysbiosis is associated with metabolism and systemic inflammation in patients with ischemic stroke
Yamashiro, Kazuo; Tanaka, Ryota; Urabe, Takao; Ueno, Yuji; Yamashiro, Yuichiro

Synergy and Order Effects of Antibiotics and Phages in Killing Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms
Chaudhry, Waqes Nasir; Concepcion-Acevedo, Jeniffer; Park, Taehyun; Andleeb, Saadia; Bull, James J.

Differences in gut microbiota profile between women with active lifestyle and sedentary women
Bressa, Carlo; Bailen-Andrino, Maria; Perez-Santiago, Jennifer; Gonzalez-Soltero, Rocio; Perez, Margarita

Evaluating the Impact of DNA Extraction Method on the Representation of Human Oral Bacterial and Fungal Communities
Vesty, Anna; Biswas, Kristi; Taylor, Michael W.; Gear, Kim; Douglas, Richard G.

The artificial sweetener acesulfame potassium affects the gut microbiome and body weight gain in CD-1 mice
Bian, Xiaoming; Chi, Liang; Gao, Bei; Tu, Pengcheng; Ru, Hongyu

Evaluation of the reproducibility of amplicon sequencing with Illumina MiSeq platform
Wen, Chongqing; Wu, Liyou; Qin, Yujia; Van Nostrand, Joy D.; Ning, Daliang

Characterisation of Early-Life Fecal Microbiota in Susceptible and Healthy Pigs to Post-Weaning Diarrhoea
Dou, Samir; Gadonna-Widehem, Pascale; Rome, Veronique; Hamoudi, Dounia; Rhazi, Larbi

Antimicrobial resistance in coagulase-positive staphylococci isolated from companion animals in Australia: A one year study
Saputra, Sugiyono; Jordan, David; Worthing, Kate A.; Norris, Jacqueline M.; Wong, Hui S.





Characterisation of Immune and Neuroinflammatory Changes Associated with Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy
Makker, Preet G. S.; Duffy, Samuel S.; Lees, Justin G.; Perera, Chamini J.; Tonkin, Ryan S.

The relation between statistical power and inference in fMRI
Cremers, Henk R.; Wager, Tor D.; Yarkoni, Tal

Chronic administration of fluoxetine and pro-inflammatory cytokine change in a rat model of depression
Lu, Yanxia; Ho, Cyrus S.; Liu, Xin; Chua, Anna N.; Wang, Wei

Is functional brain connectivity atypical in autism? A systematic review of EEG and MEG studies
O'Reilly, Christian; Lewis, John D.; Elsabbagh, Mayada

Four alpha ganglion cell types in mouse retina: Function, structure, and molecular signatures
Krieger, Brenna; Qiao, Mu; Rousso, David L.; Sanes, Joshua R.; Meister, Markus

Facial Emotion Recognition and Expression in Parkinson's Disease: An Emotional Mirror Mechanism?
Ricciardi, Lucia; Visco-Comandini, Federica; Erro, Roberto; Morgante, Francesca; Bologna, Matteo

Upper limb movements can be decoded from the time-domain of low-frequency EEG
Ofner, Patrick; Schwarz, Andreas; Pereira, Joana; Mueller-Putz, Gernot R.

C-tactile afferent stimulating touch carries a positive affective value
Pawling, Ralph; Cannon, Peter R.; McGlone, Francis P.; Walker, Susannah C.

The efficacy of a scaffold-free Bio 3D conduit developed from human fibroblasts on peripheral nerve regeneration in a rat sciatic nerve model
Yurie, Hirofumi; Ikeguchi, Ryosuke; Aoyama, Tomoki; Kaizawa, Yukitoshi; Tajino, Junichi

A convolutional neural network for steady state visual evoked potential classification under ambulatory environment
Kwak, No-Sang; Mueller, Klaus-Robert; Lee, Seong-Whan





Clinical application of a microfluidic chip for immunocapture and quantification of circulating exosomes to assist breast cancer diagnosis and molecular classification
Fang, Shimeng; Tian, Hongzhu; Li, Xiancheng; Jin, Dong; Li, Xiaojie

NF-kappaB Is Involved in the Regulation of EMT Genes in Breast Cancer Cells
Pires, Bruno R. B.; Mencalha, Andre L.; Ferreira, Gerson M.; de Souza, Waldemir F.; Morgado-Diaz, Jose A.

Long Non-Coding RNA HOTAIR Regulates the Proliferation, Self-Renewal Capacity, Tumor Formation and Migration of the Cancer Stem-Like Cell (CSC) Subpopulation Enriched from Breast Cancer Cells
Deng, Jia; Yang, Mengchang; Jiang, Rong; An, Ning; Wang, Xiaoshan

Microarray profiling of circular RNAs in human papillary thyroid carcinoma
Peng, Nianchun; Shi, Lixin; Zhang, Qiao; Hu, Ying; Wang, Nanpeng

PD-L1 and gastric cancer prognosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Gu, Lihu; Chen, Manman; Guo, Dongyu; Zhu, Hepan; Zhang, Wenchao

Resveratrol Impairs Glioma Stem Cells Proliferation and Motility by Modulating the Wnt Signaling Pathway
Cilibrasi, Chiara; Riva, Gabriele; Romano, Gabriele; Cadamuro, Massimiliano; Bazzoni, Riccardo

Diagnostic and prognostic value of long noncoding RNAs as biomarkers in urothelial carcinoma
Droop, Johanna; Szarvas, Tibor; Schulz, Wolfgang A.; Niedworok, Christian; Niegisch, Guenter

Use of Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) to predict the treatment response to eribulin chemotherapy in breast cancer
Kashiwagi, Shinichiro; Asano, Yuka; Goto, Wataru; Takada, Koji; Takahashi, Katsuyuki

Safety and antitumor activity of the anti-PD-1 antibody pembrolizumab in patients with advanced colorectal carcinoma
O'Neil, Bert H.; Wallmark, John M.; Lorente, David; Elez, Elena; Raimbourg, Judith

Melatonin protects rats from radiotherapy-induced small intestine toxicity
Fernandez, Beatriz; Moneim, Ahmed E. Abdel; Ortiz, Francisco; Shen, Ying-Qiang; Soto-Mercado, Viviana





OCT-angiography: A qualitative and quantitative comparison of 4 OCT-A devices
Munk, Marion R.; Giannakaki-Zimmermann, Helena; Berger, Lieselotte; Huf, Wolfgang; Ebneter, Andreas

Retinal vessel density from optical coherence tomography angiography to differentiate early glaucoma, pre-perimetric glaucoma and normal eyes
Akil, Handan; Huang, Alex S.; Francis, Brian A.; Sadda, Sirinivas R.; Chopra, Vikas

A comparison of the diagnostic ability of vessel density and structural measurements of optical coherence tomography in primary open angle glaucoma
Rao, Harsha L.; Pradhan, Zia S.; Weinreb, Robert N.; Riyazuddin, Mohammed; Dasari, Srilakshmi

Minimally-invasive glaucoma surgeries (MIGS) for open angle glaucoma: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Lavia, Carlo; Dallorto, Laura; Maule, Milena; Ceccarelli, Manuela; Fea, Antonio Maria

Suppression of TGF-beta pathway by pirfenidone decreases extracellular matrix deposition in ocular fibroblasts in vitro
Stahnke, Thomas; Kowtharapu, Bhavani S.; Stachs, Oliver; Schmitz, Klaus-Peter; Wurm, Johannes

Applying artificial intelligence to disease staging: Deep learning for improved staging of diabetic retinopathy
Takahashi, Hidenori; Tampo, Hironobu; Arai, Yusuke; Inoue, Yuji; Kawashima, Hidetoshi

Quantitative optical coherence tomography angiography of macular vascular structure and foveal avascular zone in glaucoma
Choi, Jaewan; Kwon, Junki; Shin, Joong Won; Lee, Jiyun; Lee, Saem

Visualization of Radial Peripapillary Capillaries Using Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography: The Effect of Image Averaging
Mo, Shelley; Phillips, Erika; Krawitz, Brian D.; Garg, Reena; Salim, Sarwat

Adaptive Optics Reveals Photoreceptor Abnormalities in Diabetic Macular Ischemia
Nesper, Peter L.; Scarinci, Fabio; Fawzi, Amani A.

Outdoor activity and myopia progression in 4-year follow-up of Chinese primary school children: The Beijing Children Eye Study
Guo, Yin; Liu, Li Juan; Tang, Ping; Lv, Yan Yun; Feng, YI





Molecular Epidemiology of Blastocystis sp in Various Animal Groups from Two French Zoos and Evaluation of Potential Zoonotic Risk
Cian, Amandine; El Safadi, Dima; Osman, Marwan; Moriniere, Romain; Gantois, Nausicaa

Blastocystis subtyping and its association with intestinal parasites in children from different geographical regions of Colombia
David Ramirez, Juan; Florez, Carolina; Olivera, Mario; Consuelo Bernal, Maria; Cesar Giraldo, Julio

Infections by human gastrointestinal helminths are associated with changes in faecal microbiota diversity and composition
Jenkins, Timothy P.; Rathnayaka, Yasara; Perera, Piyumali K.; Peachey, Laura E.; Nolan, Matthew J.

Colorimetric tests for diagnosis of filarial infection and vector surveillance using non-instrumented nucleic acid loop-mediated isothermal amplification (NINA-LAMP)
Poole, Catherine B.; Li, Zhiru; Alhassan, Andy; Guelig, Dylan; Diesburg, Steven

First report and molecular identification of Opisthorchis viverrini infection in human communities from Lower Myanmar
Aung, Win Pa Pa; Htoon, Thi Thi; Tina, Htay Htay; Thinn, Kyi Kyi; Sanpool, Oranuch

Multi-locus genotypes of Enterocytozoon bieneusi in captive Asiatic black bears in southwestern China: High genetic diversity, broad host range, and zoonotic potential
Deng, Lei; Li, WEI; Zhong, Zhijun; Gong, Chao; Cao, Xuefeng

Increased genetic diversity and prevalence of co-infection with Trypanosoma spp. in koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) and their ticks identified using next-generation sequencing (NGS)
Barbosa, Amanda D.; Gofton, Alexander W.; Paparini, Andrea; Codello, Annachiara; Greay, Telleasha

High Trypanosoma spp. diversity is maintained by bats and triatomines in Espirito Santo state, Brazil
Dario, Maria Augusta; Lisboa, Cristiane Varella; Costa, Luciana M.; Moratelli, Ricardo; Nascimento, Monique Pereira

A polyphenol-enriched diet and Ascaris suum infection modulate mucosal immune responses and gut microbiota composition in pigs
Williams, Andrew R.; Krych, Lukasz; Ahmad, Hajar Fauzan; Nejsum, Peter; Skovgaard, Kerstin

Dengue virus serotype 2 infection alters midgut and carcass gene expression in the Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus
Tsujimoto, Hitoshi; Hanley, Kathryn A.; Sundararajan, Anitha; Devitt, Nicholas P.; Schilkey, Faye D.



Pharmacology & Pharmacy


Policies for biosimilar uptake in Europe: An overview
Moorkens, Evelien; Vulto, Arnold G.; Huys, Isabelle; Dylst, Pieter; Godman, Brian

Clinical impact of pharmacogenetic profiling with a clinical decision support tool in polypharmacy home health patients: A prospective pilot randomized controlled trial
Elliott, Lindsay S.; Henderson, John C.; Neradilek, Moni B.; Moyer, Nicolas A.; Ashcraft, Kristine C.

Platinum nanoparticles induce damage to DNA and inhibit DNA replication
Nejdl, Lukas; Kudr, Jiri; Moulick, Amitava; Hegerova, Dagmar; Ruttkay-Nedecky, Branislav

Biochemical characterization and anti-inflammatory properties of an isothiocyanate-enriched moringa (Moringa oleifera) seed extract
Jaja-Chimedza, Asha; Graf, Brittany L.; Simmler, Charlotte; Kim, YouJin; Kuhn, Peter

Edible solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) as carrier system for antioxidants of different lipophilicity
Oehlke, Kathleen; Behsnilian, Diana; Mayer-Miebach, Esther; Weidler, Peter G.; Greiner, Ralf

Prevalence, risk factors and health outcomes associated with polypharmacy among urban community-dwelling older adults in multi-ethnic Malaysia
Lim, Li Min; McStea, Megan; Chung, Wen Wei; Azmi, Nuruljannah Nor; Aziz, Siti Azdiah Abdul

Analysis of Genetic Variation in CYP450 Genes for Clinical Implementation
Goh, Liuh Ling; Lim, Chia Wei; Sim, Wey Cheng; Toh, Li Xian; Leong, Khai Pang

Imputation of adverse drug reactions: Causality assessment in hospitals
Varallo, Fabiana Rossi; Planeta, Cleopatra S.; Herdeiro, Maria Teresa; Mastroianni, Patricia de Carvalho

Identification of two immortalized cell lines, ECV304 and bEnd3, for in vitro permeability studies of blood-brain barrier
Yang, Shu; Mei, Shenghui; Jin, Hong; Zhu, Bin; Tian, Yue

Effects on P-Glycoprotein Expression after Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption Using Focused Ultrasound and Microbubbles
Aryal, Muna; Fischer, Krisztina; Gentile, Caroline; Gitto, Salvatore; Zhang, Yong-Zhi



Physics, Multidisciplinary


Impact of Bounded Noise and Rewiring on the Formation and Instability of Spiral Waves in a Small-World Network of Hodgkin-Huxley Neurons
Yao, Yuangen; Deng, Haiyou; Ma, Chengzhang; Yi, Ming; Ma, Jun

Text Authorship Identified Using the Dynamics of Word Co-Occurrence Networks
Akimushkin, Camilo; Amancio, Diego Raphael; Oliveira, Osvaldo Novais, Jr.

Link prediction on Twitter
Martincic-Ipsic, Sanda; Mocibob, Edvin; Perc, Matjaz

Voting contagion: Modeling and analysis of a century of US presidential elections
Braha, Dan; de Aguiar, Marcus A. M.

Fitting power-laws in empirical data with estimators that work for all exponents
Hanel, Rudolf; Corominas-Murtra, Bernat; Liu, BO; Thurner, Stefan

Evolution of scaling behaviors embedded in sentence series from A Story of the Stone
Yang, YUE; Gu, Changgui; Xiao, Qin; Yang, Huijie

A minimal model of burst-noise induced bistability
Falk, Johannes; Mendler, Marc; Drossel, Barbara

The evolving cobweb of relations among partially rational investors
DeLellis, Pietro; DiMeglio, Anna; Garofalo, Franco; Lo Iudice, Francesco

Low-resistive vibratory penetration in granular media
Darbois Texier, Baptiste; Ibarra, Alejandro; Melo, Francisco

Epidemic spreading in multiplex networks influenced by opinion exchanges on vaccination
Alvarez-Zuzek, Lucila G.; La Rocca, Cristian E.; Iglesias, Jose R.; Braunstein, Lidia A.



Plant Sciences


SnRK1 activates autophagy via the TOR signaling pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana
Soto-Burgos, Junmarie; Bassham, Diane C.

Bacillus aryabhattai SRB02 tolerates oxidative and nitrosative stress and promotes the growth of soybean by modulating the production of phytohormones
Park, Yeon-Gyeong; Mun, Bong-Gyu; Kang, Sang-Mo; Hussain, Adil; Shahzad, Raheem

Genome-wide association analysis of agronomic traits in wheat under drought-stressed and non-stressed conditions
Mwadzingeni, Learnmore; Shimelis, Hussein; Rees, D. Jasper G.; Tsilo, Toi J.

Hydrogen sulfide alleviates postharvest ripening and senescence of banana by antagonizing the effect of ethylene
Ge, Yun; Hu, Kang-Di; Wang, Sha-Sha; Hu, Lan-Ying; Chen, Xiao-yan

Genetic architecture of cold tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa) determined through high resolution genome-wide analysis
Shakiba, Ehsan; Edwards, Jeremy D.; Jodari, Farman; Duke, Sara E.; Baldo, Angela M.

Effects of salinity and drought on growth, ionic relations, compatible solutes and activation of antioxidant systems in oleander (Nerium oleander L.)
Kumar, Dinesh; Al Hassan, Mohamad; Naranjo, Miguel A.; Agrawal, Veena; Boscaiu, Monica

CRISPR/Cas9-mediated targeted mutagenesis in grape
Nakajima, Ikuko; Ban, Yusuke; Azuma, Akifumi; Onoue, Noriyuki; Moriguchi, Takaya

SlMAPK3 enhances tolerance to tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) by regulating salicylic acid and jasmonic acid signaling in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)
Li, Yunzhou; Qin, Lei; Zhao, Jingjing; Muhammad, Tayeb; Cao, Hehe

Potential of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Cotton Roots for Biological Control against Verticillium Wilt Disease
Yuan, Yuan; Feng, Hongjie; Wang, Lingfei; Li, Zhifang; Shi, Yongqiang

An ethnobotanical survey of indigenous medicinal plants in Hafizabad district, Punjab-Pakistan
Umair, Muhammad; Altaf, Muhammad; Abbasi, Arshad Mehmood





Problematic Social Media Use: Results from a Large-Scale Nationally Representative Adolescent Sample
Banyai, Fanni; Zsila, Agnes; Kiraly, Orsolya; Maraz, Aniko; Elekes, Zsuzsanna

Meta-analyses of comparative efficacy of antidepressant medications on peripheral BDNF concentration in patients with depression
Zhou, Chanjuan; Zhong, Jiaju; Zou, Bin; Fang, Liang; Chen, Jianjun

The varieties of contemplative experience: A mixed-methods study of meditation-related challenges in Western Buddhists
Lindahl, Jared R.; Fisher, Nathan E.; Cooper, David J.; Rosen, Rochelle K.; Britton, Willoughby B.

The pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents: A systematic review with network meta-analyses of randomised trials
Catala-Lopez, Ferran; Hutton, Brian; Nunez-Beltran, Amparo; Page, Matthew J.; Ridao, Manuel

Psychosocial interventions for post-traumatic stress disorder in refugees and asylum seekers resettled in high-income countries: Systematic review and meta-analysis
Nose, Michela; Ballette, Francesca; Bighelli, Irene; Turrini, Giulia; Purgato, Marianna

Instruments for the assessment of suicide risk: A systematic review evaluating the certainty of the evidence
Runeson, Bo; Odeberg, Jenny; Pettersson, Agneta; Edbom, Tobias; Adamsson, Ingalill Jildevik

A systematic review of the relationship between internet use, self-harm and suicidal behaviour in young people: The good, the bad and the unknown
Marchant, Amanda; Hawton, Keith; Stewart, Ann; Montgomery, Paul; Singaravelu, Vinod

The Impact of Antenatal Depression on Perinatal Outcomes in Australian Women
Eastwood, John; Ogbo, Felix A.; Hendry, Alexandra; Noble, Justine; Page, Andrew

Gut microbiome in ADHD and its relation to neural reward anticipation
Aarts, Esther; Ederveen, Thomas H. A.; Naaijen, Jilly; Zwiers, Marcel P.; Boekhorst, Jos

Poverty and disability in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review
Banks, Lena Morgon; Kuper, Hannah; Polack, Sarah



Public, Environmental & Occupational Health


Large Scale Population Assessment of Physical Activity Using Wrist Worn Accelerometers: The UK Biobank Study
Doherty, Aiden; Jackson, Dan; Hammerla, Nils; Plotz, Thomas; Olivier, Patrick

Barriers of Influenza Vaccination Intention and Behavior - A Systematic Review of Influenza Vaccine Hesitancy, 2005-2016
Schmid, Philipp; Rauber, Dorothee; Betsch, Cornelia; Lidolt, Gianni; Denker, Marie-Luisa

Effect of outdoor air pollution on asthma exacerbations in children and adults: Systematic review and multilevel meta-analysis
Orellano, Pablo; Quaranta, Nancy; Reynoso, Julieta; Balbi, Brenda; Vasquez, Julia

The prospective impact of food pricing on improving dietary consumption: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Afshin, Ashkan; Penalvo, Jose L.; Del Gobbo, Liana; Silva, Jose; Michaelson, Melody

Why do people use electronic nicotine delivery systems (electronic cigarettes)? A content analysis of Twitter, 2012-2015
Ayers, John W.; Leas, Eric C.; Allem, Jon-Patrick; Benton, Adrian; Dredze, Mark

Childhood hematologic cancer and residential proximity to oil and gas development
McKenzie, Lisa M.; Allshouse, William B.; Byers, Tim E.; Bedrick, Edward J.; Serdar, Berrin

Is patient empowerment the key to promote adherence? A systematic review of the relationship between self-efficacy, health locus of control and medication adherence
Nafradi, Lilla; Nakamoto, Kent; Schulz, Peter J.

Child malnutrition in sub-Saharan Africa: A meta-analysis of demographic and health surveys (2006-2016)
Akombi, Blessing J.; Agho, Kingsley E.; Merom, Dafna; Renzaho, Andre M.; Hall, John J.

Dietary patterns and all-cause, cancer, and cardiovascular disease mortality in Japanese men and women: The Japan public health center-based prospective study
Nanri, Akiko; Mizoue, Tetsuya; Shimazu, Taichi; Ishihara, Junko; Takachi, Ribeka

A Device-Independent Evaluation of Carbonyl Emissions from Heated Electronic Cigarette Solvents
Wang, Ping; Chen, Wenhao; Liao, Jiawen; Matsuo, Toshiki; Ito, Kazuhide



Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging


The presence of the gadolinium-based contrast agent depositions in the brain and symptoms of gadolinium neurotoxicity - A systematic review
Olchowy, Cyprian; Cebulski, Kamil; Lasecki, Mateusz; Chaber, Radoslaw; Olchowy, Anna

Harmonizing the pixel size in retrospective computed tomography radiomics studies
Mackin, Dennis; Fave, Xenia; Zhang, Lifei; Yang, Jinzhong; Jones, A. Kyle

An efficacy analysis of whole-body magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis and follow-up of polymyositis and dermatomyositis
Huang, Zhen-Guo; Gao, Bao-Xiang; Chen, HE; Yang, Min-xing; Chen, Xiao-liang

From medical imaging data to 3D printed anatomical models
Bucking, Thore M.; Hill, Emma R.; Robertson, James L.; Maneas, Efthymios; Plumb, Andrew A.

Intercenter validation of a knowledge based model for automated planning of volumetric modulated arc therapy for prostate cancer. The experience of the German RapidPlan Consortium
Schubert, Carolin; Waletzko, Oliver; Weiss, Christian; Voelzke, Dirk; Toperim, Sevda

HTC Vive MeVisLab integration via OpenVR for medical applications
Egger, Jan; Gall, Markus; Wallner, Juergen; Boechat, Pedro; Hann, Alexander

Radiographic prediction of meningioma grade by semantic and radiomic features
Coroller, Thibaud P.; Bi, Wenya Linda; Huynh, Elizabeth; Abedalthagafi, Malak; Aizer, Ayal A.

Comparison of T-2*-weighted and QSM contrasts in Parkinson's disease to visualize the STN with MRI
Alkemade, Anneke; de Hollander, Gilles; Keuken, Max C.; Schaefer, Andreas; Ott, Derek V. M.

A deep convolutional neural network-based automatic delineation strategy for multiple brain metastases stereotactic radiosurgery
Liu, Yan; Stojadinovic, Strahinja; Hrycushko, Brian; Wardak, Zabi; Lau, Steven

Design and fabrication of a realistic anthropomorphic heterogeneous head phantom for MR purposes
Wood, Sossena; Krishnamurthy, Narayanan; Santini, Tales; Raval, Shailesh; Farhat, Nadim



Respiratory System


Prenatal vitamin D supplementation reduces risk of asthma/recurrent wheeze in early childhood: A combined analysis of two randomized controlled trials
Wolsk, Helene M.; Chawes, Bo L.; Litonjua, Augusto A.; Hollis, Bruce W.; Waage, Johannes

Sputum biomarkers in IPF: Evidence for raised gene expression and protein level of IGFBP-2, IL-8 and MMP-7
Guiot, J.; Henket, M.; Corhay, J. L.; Moermans, C.; Louis, R.

Prevalence and associated factors of tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus comorbidity: A systematic review
Workneh, Mahteme Haile; Bjune, Gunnar Aksel; Yimer, Solomon Abebe

Short telomere length in IPF lung associates with fibrotic lesions and predicts survival
Snetselaar, Reinier; van Batenburg, Aernoud A.; van Oosterhout, Matthijs F. M.; Kazemier, Karin M.; Roothaan, Suzan M.

The usefulness of monomeric periostin as a biomarker for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Ohta, Shoichiro; Okamoto, Masaki; Fujimoto, Kiminori; Sakamoto, Noriho; Takahashi, Koichiro

A Low Peripheral Blood CD4/CD8 Ratio Is Associated with Pulmonary Emphysema in HIV
Triplette, Matthew; Attia, Engi F.; Akgun, Kathleen M.; Hoo, Guy W. Soo; Freiberg, Matthew S.

Radiologic pleuroparenchymal fibroelastosis-like lesion in connective tissue disease-related interstitial lung disease
Enomoto, Yasunori; Nakamura, Yutaro; Colby, Thomas V.; Johkoh, Takeshi; Sumikawa, Hiromitsu

Inflammation biomarkers in blood as mortality predictors in community-acquired pneumonia admitted patients: Importance of comparison with neutrophil count percentage or neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio
Curbelo, Jose; Luquero Bueno, Sergio; Maria Galvan-Roman, Jose; Ortega-Gomez, Mara; Rajas, Olga

COPD in HIV-Infected Patients: CD4 Cell Count Highly Correlated
Risso, Karine; Guillouet-de-Salvador, Francine; Valerio, Laure; Pugliese, Pascal; Naqvi, Alissa

Age, gender, neck circumference, and Epworth sleepiness scale do not predict obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): The challenge to predict OSA in advanced COPD
Soler, Xavier; Liao, Shu-Yi; Maria Marin, Jose; Lorenzi-Filho, Geraldo; Jen, Rachel



Sport Sciences


High-Intensity Interval Training Elicits Higher Enjoyment than Moderate Intensity Continuous Exercise
Thum, Jacob S.; Parsons, Gregory; Whittle, Taylor; Astorino, Todd A.

Associations of sitting accumulation patterns with cardio-metabolic risk biomarkers in Australian adults
Bellettiere, John; Winkler, Elisabeth A. H.; Chastin, Sebastien F. M.; Kerr, Jacqueline; Owen, Neville

Assessment of laboratory and daily energy expenditure estimates from consumer multi-sensor physical activity monitors
Chowdhury, Enhad A.; Western, Max J.; Nightingale, Thomas E.; Peacock, Oliver J.; Thompson, Dylan

A whey protein-based multi-ingredient nutritional supplement stimulates gains in lean body mass and strength in healthy older men: A randomized controlled trial
Bell, Kirsten E.; Snijders, Tim; Zulyniak, Michael; Kumbhare, Dinesh; Parise, Gianni

Exploring Team Passing Networks and Player Movement Dynamics in Youth Association Football
Goncalves, Bruno; Coutinho, Diogo; Santos, Sara; Lago-Penas, Carlos; Jimenez, Sergio

Comparison of vitality states of finishers and withdrawers in trail running: An enactive and phenomenological perspective
Rochat, Nadege; Hauw, Denis; Philippe, Roberta Antonini; von Roten, Fabienne Crettaz; Seifert, Ludovic

Disentangling the relationship between children's motor ability, executive function and academic achievement
Schmidt, Mirko; Egger, Fabienne; Benzing, Valentin; Jager, Katja; Conzelmann, Achim

Comparison of wrist-worn Fitbit Flex and waist-worn ActiGraph for measuring steps in free-living adults
Chu, Anne H. Y.; Ng, Sheryl H. X.; Paknezhad, Mahsa; Gauterin, Alvaro; Koh, David

Back pain in elite sports: A cross-sectional study on 1114 athletes
Fett, Daniela; Trompeter, Katharina; Platen, Petra

A systematic review of surface electromyography analyses of the bench press movement task
Stastny, Petr; Golas, Artur; Blazek, Dusan; Maszczyk, Adam; Wilk, Michal





Indocyanine green fluorescence in second near-infrared (NIR-II) window
Starosolski, Zbigniew; Bhavane, Rohan; Ghaghada, Ketan B.; Vasudevan, Sanjeev A.; Kaay, Alexander

Enhanced recovery after surgery protocol in oesophageal cancer surgery: Systematic review and meta-analysis
Pisarska, Magdalena; Malczak, Piotr; Major, Piotr; Wysocki, Michal; Budzynski, Andrzej

Epidemiology of pediatric surgical needs in low-income countries
Butler, Elissa K.; Tran, Tu M.; Nagarajan, Neeraja; Canner, Joseph; Fuller, Anthony T.

A systematic review of the quality of conduct and reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses in paediatric surgery
Cullis, Paul Stephen; Gudlaugsdottir, Katrin; Andrews, James

A Comparison of a Machine Learning Model with EuroSCORE II in Predicting Mortality after Elective Cardiac Surgery: A Decision Curve Analysis
Allyn, Jerome; Allou, Nicolas; Augustin, Pascal; Philip, Ivan; Martinet, Olivier

Low skeletal muscle mass is associated with increased hospital expenditure in patients undergoing cancer surgery of the alimentary tract
van Vugt, Jeroen L. A.; Buettner, Stefan; Levolger, Stef; van den Braak, Robert R. J. Coebergh; Suker, Mustafa

Evaluation of allograft contamination and decontamination at the Treviso Tissue Bank Foundation: A retrospective study of 11,129 tissues
Paolin, Adolfo; Trojan, Diletta; Petit, Pieter; Coato, Paola; Rigoli, Roberto

Restrictive intraoperative fluid optimisation algorithm improves outcomes in patients undergoing pancreaticoduodenectomy: A prospective multicentre randomized controlled trial
Weinberg, Laurence; Ianno, Damian; Churilov, Leonid; Chao, Ian; Scurrah, Nick

Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening program using hand-held ultrasound in primary healthcare
Siso-Almirall, Antoni; Kostov, Belchin; Navarro Gonzalez, Marta; Cararach Salami, Daniel; Perez Jimenez, Alfonso

Cytological diagnostic features of late breast implant seromas: From reactive to anaplastic large cell lymphoma
Di Napoli, Arianna; Pepe, Giuseppina; Giarnieri, Enrico; Cippitelli, Claudia; Bonifacino, Adriana



Tropical Medicine


Interventions that effectively target Anopheles funestus mosquitoes could significantly improve control of persistent malaria transmission in south-eastern Tanzania
Kaindoa, Emmanuel W.; Matowo, Nancy S.; Ngowo, Halfan S.; Mkandawile, Gustav; Mmbando, Arnold

Effects of local and regional climatic fluctuations on dengue outbreaks in southern Taiwan
Chuang, Ting-Wu; Chaves, Luis Fernando; Chen, Po-Jiang

Bead-based immunoassay allows sub-picogram detection of histidine-rich protein 2 from Plasmodium falciparum and estimates reliability of malaria rapid diagnostic tests
Rogier, Eric; Plucinski, Mateusz; Lucchi, Naomi; Mace, Kimberly; Chang, Michelle

Histidine-rich protein 2 (pfhrp2) and pfhrp3 gene deletions in Plasmodium falciparum isolates from select sites in Brazil and Bolivia
Rachid Viana, Giselle Maria; Okoth, Sheila Akinyi; Silva-Flannery, Luciana; Lima Barbosa, Danielle Regina; de Oliveira, Alexandre Macedo

Geographic distribution of Angiostrongylus cantonensis in wild rats (Rattus rattus) and terrestrial snails in Florida, USA
Walden, Heather D. Stockdale; Slapcinsky, John D.; Roff, Shannon; Calle, Jorge Mendieta; Goodwin, Zakia Diaz

Introducing malaria rapid diagnostic tests in private medicine retail outlets: A systematic literature review
Visser, Theodoor; Bruxvoort, Katia; Maloney, Kathleen; Leslie, Toby; Barat, Lawrence M.

Evidence that agricultural use of pesticides selects pyrethroid resistance within Anopheles gambiae s.l. populations from cotton growing areas in Burkina Faso, West Africa
Hien, Aristide Sawdetuo; Soma, Dieudonne Diloma; Hema, Omer; Bayili, Bazoma; Namountougou, Moussa

A portable image-based cytometer for rapid malaria detection and quantification
Yang, Dahou; Subramanian, Gowtham; Duan, Jinming; Gao, Shaobing; Bai, Li

Real-time PCR in detection and quantitation of Leishmania donovani for the diagnosis of Visceral Leishmaniasis patients and the monitoring of their response to treatment
Hossein, Faria; Ghosh, Prakash; Khan, Md. Anik Ashfaq; Duthie, Malcolm S.; Vallur, Aarthy C.

A Comparison of Three Quantitative Methods to Estimate G6PD Activity in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh
Ley, Benedikt; Alam, Mohammad Shafiul; O'Donnell, James J.; Hossain, Mohammad Sharif; Kibria, Mohammad Golam



Urology & Nephrology


Serum Uric Acid and Progression of Kidney Disease: A Longitudinal Analysis and Mini-Review
Tsai, Ching-Wei; Lin, Shih-Yi; Kuo, Chin-Chi; Huang, Chiu-Ching

Everolimus long-term use in patients with tuberous sclerosis complex: Four-year update of the EXIST-2 study
Bissler, John J.; Kingswood, J. Chris; Radzikowska, Elzbieta; Zonnenberg, Bernard A.; Belousova, Elena

Medium Cut-Off (MCO) Membranes Reduce Inflammation in Chronic Dialysis Patients-A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
Zickler, Daniel; Schindler, Ralf; Willy, Kevin; Martus, Peter; Pawlak, Michael

Increased Serum Sodium and Serum Osmolarity Are Independent Risk Factors for Developing Chronic Kidney Disease; 5 Year Cohort Study
Kuwabara, Masanari; Hisatome, Ichiro; Roncal-Jimenez, Carlos A.; Niwa, Koichiro; Andres-Hernando, Ana

Sexual diversity in the United States: Results from a nationally representative probability sample of adult women and men
Herbenick, Debby; Bowling, Jessamyn; Fu, Tsung-Chieh (Jane); Dodge, Brian; Guerra-Reyes, Lucia

Measurement properties of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) used in adult patients with chronic kidney disease: A systematic review
Aiyegbusi, Olalekan Lee; Kyte, Derek; Cockwell, Paul; Marshall, Tom; Gheorghe, Adrian

Differentially expressed miRNAs in sepsisinduced acute kidney injury target oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction pathways
Ge, Qin-Min; Huang, Chun-mei; Zhu, Xiang-Yang; Bian, Fan; Pan, Shu-ming

Beta-Glucans Supplementation Associates with Reduction in P-Cresyl Sulfate Levels and Improved Endothelial Vascular Reactivity in Healthy Individuals
Cosola, Carmela; De Angelis, Maria; Rocchetti, Maria Teresa; Montemurno, Eustacchio; Maranzano, Valentina

Effects of uric acid-lowering therapy in patients with chronic kidney disease: A meta-analysis
Su, Xiaole; Xu, Boyang; Yan, Bingjuan; Qiao, Xi; Wang, Lihua

Combination of mesenchymal stem cell injection with icariin for the treatment of diabetes-associated erectile dysfunction
Wang, Xiyou; Liu, Chuanhai; Xu, Yong; Chen, Ping; Shen, Yue



Veterinary Sciences


Heart and skeletal muscle inflammation (HSMI) disease diagnosed on a British Columbia salmon farm through a longitudinal farm study
Di Cicco, Emiliano; Ferguson, Hugh W.; Schulze, Angela D.; Kaukinen, Karia H.; Li, Shaorong

Infection with purified Piscine orthoreovirus demonstrates a causal relationship with heart and skeletal muscle inflammation in Atlantic salmon
Wessel, Oystein; Braaen, Stine; Alarcon, Marta; Haatveit, Hanne; Roos, Norbert

Oral Vaccination of Free-Living Badgers (Meles meles) with Bacille Calmette Guerin (BCG) Vaccine Confers Protection against Tuberculosis
Gormley, Eamonn; Bhuachalla, Deirdre Ni; O'Keeffe, James; Murphy, Denise; Aldwell, Frank E.

Infection experiments with novel Piscine orthoreovirus from rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in salmonids
Hauge, Helena; Vendramin, Niccolo; Taksdal, Torunn; Olsen, Anne Berit; Wessel, Oystein

The future of veterinary communication: Partnership or persuasion? A qualitative investigation of veterinary communication in the pursuit of client behaviour change
Bard, Alison M.; Main, David C. J.; Haase, Anne M.; Whay, Helen R.; Roe, Emma J.

Long-term genetic selection reduced prevalence of hip and elbow dysplasia in 60 dog breeds
Oberbauer, A. M.; Keller, G. G.; Famula, T. R.

Craniometric Analysis of the Hindbrain and Craniocervical Junction of Chihuahua, Affenpinscher and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dogs With and Without Syringomyelia Secondary to Chiari-Like Malformation
Knowler, Susan P.; Kiviranta, Anna-Mariam; McFadyen, Angus K.; Jokinen, Tarja S.; La Ragione, Roberto M.

The pathogenesis of H7N8 low and highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses from the United States 2016 outbreak in chickens, turkeys and mallards
Pantin-Jackwood, Mary J.; Stephens, Christopher B.; Bertran, Kateri; Swayne, David E.; Spackman, Erica

Peste des petits ruminants (PPR): A neglected tropical disease in Maghreb region of North Africa and its threat to Europe
Baazizi, Ratiba; Mahapatra, Mana; Clarke, Brian Donald; Ait-Oudhia, Khatima; Khelef, Djamel

Comparison of culture and a multiplex probe PCR for identifying Mycoplasma species in bovine milk, semen and swab samples
Parker, Alysia M.; House, John K.; Hazelton, Mark S.; Bosward, Katrina L.; Sheehy, Paul A.





Human Gut-On-A-Chip Supports Polarized Infection of Coxsackie B1 Virus In Vitro
Villenave, Remi; Wales, Samantha Q.; Hamkins-Indik, Tiama; Papafragkou, Efstathia; Weaver, James C.

Human norovirus binding to select bacteria representative of the human gut microbiota
Almand, Erin A.; Moore, Matthew D.; Outlaw, Janie; Jaykus, Lee-Ann

The association between human endogenous retroviruses and multiple sclerosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Morandi, Elena; Tanasescu, Radu; Tarlinton, Rachael E.; Constantinescu, Cris S.; Zhang, Weiya

Antigenicity of the 2015-2016 seasonal H1N1 human influenza virus HA and NA proteins
Clark, Amelia M.; DeDiego, Marta L.; Anderson, Christopher S.; Wang, Jiong; Yang, Hongmei

The genetic evolution of canine parvovirus - A new perspective
Zhou, Pei; Zeng, Weijie; Zhang, Xin; Li, Shoujun

Metagenomic sequencing complements routine diagnostics in identifying viral pathogens in lung transplant recipients with unknown etiology of respiratory infection
Lewandowska, Dagmara W.; Schreiber, Peter W.; Schuurmans, Mace M.; Ruehe, Bettina; Zagordi, Osvaldo

Genome wide analysis of the evolution of Senecavirus A from swine clinical material and assembly yard environmental samples
Xu, Wanhong; Hole, Kate; Goolia, Melissa; Pickering, Bradley; Salo, Tim

Novel avian paramyxovirus (APMV-15) isolated from a migratory bird in South America
Thomazelli, Luciano Matsumiya; de Araujo, Jansen; Fabrizio, Thomas; Walker, David; Reischak, Dilmara

Induction of Multiple miR-200/182 Members in the Brains of Mice Are Associated with Acute Herpes Simplex Virus 1 Encephalitis
Majer, Anna; Caligiuri, Kyle A.; Gale, Kamilla K.; Niu, Yulian; Phillipson, Clark S.

Discordant detection of avian influenza virus subtypes in time and space between poultry and wild birds; Towards improvement of surveillance programs
Verhagen, Josanne H.; Lexmond, Pascal; Vuong, Oanh; Schutten, Martin; Guldemeester, Judith

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