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Partner with PLOS to publish your Special Collection and receive open, ethical, trusted expertise.

When you have an important thematic issue or group project with a variety of research outputs that need publishing and promotion, partnering with PLOS to publish a Special Collection is the solution of choice for over 45 funders, research consortiums and conference organizers who have trusted PLOS to publish their Special Collections, exposing their research to thousands of relevant researchers and giving their high-profile projects the visibility they deserve.


Publish your Special Collection with PLOS

Special Collections must be proposed in advance for review by the PLOS Collections Team and the editors of the participating journals.
Papers submitted to PLOS for inclusion in a Special Collection undergo the same rigorous peer review as any paper submitted to PLOS.
For more information  download the PLOS Collections brochure.
To propose a Special Collection complete a Special Collection Proposal form or  contact the PLOS Collections team.

Be Open to Enhanced Global Discoverability


Your Special Collection will be displayed on its own dedicated, customizable web page, which has the capability to display a variety of text, graphics, and multimedia including video and blogs. We can also create printed copies so you can put your Collection in the hands of those who need it most.


Every Special Collection at PLOS is promoted to relevant PLOS authors and update subscribers, in addition to carefully selected researchers from around the world through targeted list rental. We enhance the visibility of Collections through online banners, social media promotions, and presentations at conferences. PLOS’ huge following ensures that researchers in your field and adjacent fields will be aware of your Collection.


Not only do we promote Collections, but we also devote attention to featuring authors. Through interviews, quotes and photos, we ensure that high profile researchers from your project will also receive visibility.


Be Open to Efficient Project Management

Efficiently Managed…

… Expertly handled.   From your initial enquiry, a dedicated team will work with you to answer questions and ensure that the Collection is progressing, and that the review process is running smoothly. Partnering with PLOS to publish a Special Collection means that associated submissions will be carefully project managed. You will always be kept up to date with the progress of your Collection, with regular meetings and updates from the PLOS Collections team.

“Working with the PLOS Special Collections team was very easy and productive. They have clear guidelines and were supportive to the authors and editors. Prior experience is that putting together special journal issues can be challenging, especially when trying to meet scheduling goals, and the PLOS team was quick in responding to needs and questions… I would recommend PLOS as a good choice for journal special supplements.”

PLOS Partner, Rachel Nugent, RTI International

Economic Cases for NCD Prevention and Control

Open options…

Researchers can choose which PLOS journal is most relevant to their research. Whether the research has particular significance that might be relevant to PLOS Biology or PLOS Medicine, or is more fitting to the broad, inclusive scope of PLOS ONE, they can be published together and featured on the dedicated Special Collection web page.


Unlike other publishers, we give you the option to not hold papers back from publication to wait for others in the Collection to publish. Rather, we can publish each article as soon as it is ready to ensure maximum exposure and timely discovery of research.



Be Open to Timely Reporting Assessment


We know how important assessing the impact of your Collection is to you. Once your Collection has published, we make sure to update you with Article and Collection-level statistics, and bibliometric analysis as the research is cited. You and your funders need to know what is being read, and who is reading and using the research.



Be Open to Evolving Publishing Practices


Like you, we believe reproducibility matters. We welcome submissions of validation replication studies, negative and null results and methods papers, and require all authors to make the data underlying their article publicly available at publication.


PLOS believes in unbiased evaluation based on technical merit. We assess submissions based on scientific validity, robust research design, and adherence to ethical standards, without making predictions about potential citation impact. We believe in accelerating the pace of scientific communication. We encourage sharing results early through publicly posted preprints, and work hard to keep reducing our assessment times. With an eye on transparency, authors can choose to publish the peer review accompanying their work.


Breaking boundaries with Open Science...

Open Science at PLOS is not limited to Open Access.

PLOS is known for being at the forefront of Open Science advancement. We continue to explore ways in which we can increase the openness of research and support reproducibility. We currently support open data, open code, and open or ‘published’ peer review. Partnering with PLOS will demonstrate that you are committed to accelerating Open Science.

“[Publishing a Special Collection with PLOS] has been an excellent experience for me. It has given us the opportunity to present and discuss an important thematic issue in a high profile peer-reviewed journal. The cost of the Collection is very reasonable compared to other journals with the same profile. The journal has shown flexibility and understanding throughout the process. And this has been key for me.”

PLOS Partner, Matteo Zignol
Advances in Clinical Trial Design for Development of New Treatments for Tuberculosis