Propose a Special Collection

Special Collections involve the submission of new papers on a particular topic or by a specific group and are by arrangement only. Papers to be included in a Special Collection are proposed in advance and the project must be agreed by the PLOS Collections Team and the editors of the participating journals. Papers submitted to PLOS for inclusion in a Special Collection undergo the same rigorous peer review as any paper submitted to PLOS.

Some Special Collections concern the outputs of a particular report – such as PLOS Medicine’s “Monitoring Universal Health Coverage” – or the ongoing outputs of a research group or meeting, such as “RosettaCon” or PLOS ONE’s “World Register of Marine Species”

For more information about PLOS Special Collections and how to propose a new Special Collection to the PLOS Editors, please contact PLOS Collections


Examples of PLOS Special Collections


Monitoring Universal Health Coverage

13 country case studies, five technical reviews and an overview make up a global framework for monitoring progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the World Bank Group.

RosettaCon 2012

The Rosetta framework for macromolecular modeling, prediction and design is a widely used code with a large, dynamic developer community.  This special collection presents recent developments from the Rosetta community, drawn from the groups participating in RosettaCon 2012.