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Understanding Images

Curated Collections

Understanding Images is a collection of posts and articles from a PLOS Genetics blog series. The aim of the series is to showcase the research that created or inspired the journal's cover image, and explain how the image helps us to understand the research question addressed in the manuscript.

Image Credit: Yuan and colleagues

Identifying a novel gene involved in hair disorders
Chimeric sugar transporters bring Greek mythology to the brewing industry
Identifying lethal mutations to improve pig breeding
Traffic jam causes immune cell road rage
How dispersal shapes spatial patterns of genetic diversity
Shedding light on nuclear size control
Challenging the Wnt signaling dogma
Human nose shape and climate adaptation
A Canine Model of Juvenile Dermatomyositis
How genetic makeup of a ‘roommate’ can influence health
Animal fertility governed by small non-coding RNAs
MicroRNAs Control Molting of Locusts
Coat of Invisibility – How Trypanosoma brucei Evades Recognition
Watching New Species Evolve in Real-Time
How do Cells Make Invasive Feet?
Host Gender and the Response to Fungal Infection
How Butterflies ‘Wink’ Only Some of their Eyespots in Response to Temperature
Seeing Myopia for What it is - Potentially Treatable
Plants Limit Crossovers
A Genetic Framework in Legumes Controls Infection of Nodules
microRNAs Contribute to Hair Loss and Follicle Regression
Golden Retrievers Contribute to Cancer Research
A Giant Single-Celled Plant
Keeping up in the Wonderland of Human Evolution
Under the Skin of PLOS Genetics’ October Issue Image
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