Biology & Life Sciences


PLOS Genetics Research Prize

Each year the PLOS Genetics Research Prize recognizes and rewards outstanding primary research in the community.


Leishmaniasis research papers from the call for papers made by the WorldLeish-6 Scientific Committee, in partnership with PLOS Collections.

Craniofacial Genetics

This collection contains a selection of research with a focus on craniofacial morphogenesis, dysmorphology and syndromes, and normal human facial variation.

Credit: Jon Sullivan

Medicine & Health Sciences


Trafficking, Exploitation and Health

This collection offers evidence and expert commentary to urge health professionals to treat trafficking as a global health determinant.

Fortification Assessment

This collection highlights fortification coverage results from a series of surveys across diverse countries in Africa and Asia using the Fortification Assessment Coverage Toolkit (FACT).

Research Analysis & Science Policy


Open Data

This collection highlights the broad scope of research, guidelines, and commentaries about data sharing, data practices, and data policies.

Understanding the Gender Imbalance in STEM Fields

This collection considers factors associated with the inclusion and success of women in STEM fields and ways to reduce the gender gap.

10th Anniversary Collections

Join us as PLOS ONE celebrates its 10th Anniversary through a variety of curated collections.

Credit: Michael Coghlan

Computer & Information Sciences


Focus Feature - Protein Functions

This Focus Feature focuses on understanding the different molecular functions that exist within a protein superfamily.

Benchmarking Collection

This Collection gathers PLOS Computational Biology’s Benchmarking research to help researchers decide which tool to use for specific scientific challenges.

Open Source Toolkit

This Channel gathers together research and web resources for “Open Labware” designs as part of an Open Source Toolkit.

Credit: Creativity103

Earth & Environmental Sciences


Ocean Acidification Impacts on a Pelagic Ecosystem

Results from a long-term mesocosm experiment conducted in the Gullmar Fjord at the west coast of Sweden.

Editor’s Picks: Oil Spills

PLOS highlights the breadth of research on oil spills, from assessing the impacts of clean-up strategies, to the consequences for humans and whole ecosystems.

Participatory Monitoring for Forest, Climate & REDD+

This collection investigates factors determining the viabilty of local people’s particpation in forest management & conservation.

Credit: Paul Bica
credit: fdecomite,

Physics, Chemistry & Materials Science


Open Biomaterials Research: A Call for Papers

In this Call for Papers, we aim to bring together the biomedical and materials science research communities to foster interdisciplinary exchange.


This collection showcases articles published in PLOS journals on nanomaterials, featuring the fabrication and application of nanosized materials and structures.

Mathematical Biology

In this Editor’s Picks, PLOS ONE Associate Editor Carla Pegoraro highlights some of the latest research on mathematical and physical biology. 

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