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Scope & Topics

Liver disease is a major cause of premature mortality and morbidity worldwide. However, with advances in vaccine development and an increased understanding of the causes of liver disease, it is also becoming increasingly preventable and treatable. This call for papers on liver disease encompasses research on alcohol-related liver disease and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (including cirrhosis, steatosis, fibrosis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis), viral hepatitis, and other autoimmune and genetic liver diseases. We welcome papers reporting on all aspects of liver disease, including in vitro approaches, translational studies, the genetics of liver disease, the intersection of metabolism and liver disease, epidemiological studies, new approaches in liver transplantation and hepatitis vaccine development.

From our Guest Editor, Susan Mandell:

“Liver disease is one of the top causes of death worldwide with approximately two million lives lost each year. The cellular and metabolic complexity of the liver is equally matched by the diversity of diseases that cause disability and early death. Environmental, genetic and transmissible diseases are recognized causes of both acute and chronic disease. This diverse etiology and expression makes the study of liver disease a challenging yet particularly rewarding area of study that links researchers throughout the globe.

Recent work in the fields of epidemiology, clinical trials and cellular physiology has set a strong foundation for future research and should invigorate the scientific community. But more work is still needed to improve the large number of people affected by liver disease each year. PLOS ONE invites all work in the field of liver disease as part of the journal’s commitment to support the global needs of scientists, clinicians and patients to advance the knowledge and treatment of disease.”

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