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Primary and Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

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Guest Editors

Michael D. Shapiro

Wake forest

Clara Chow

university of sydney

Yangfeng Wu

peking University

Dominique Hansen

hasselt university





Martin O’Flaherty

University of liverpool
United kingdom

Jennifer G. Robinson

university of iowa

Jemma C. Hopewell

University of oxford
united kingdom

Maryam Kavousi

erasmus university medical center





Scope & Topics

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally and recent statistics indicate that the decline in mortality observed in the last few decades is stagnating and even reversing in some populations. Robust research and evidence-based preventive strategies are increasingly necessary to reduce the global burden of this disease.

In this Call for Papers, we welcome rigorous research focused on the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. A wide range of topics will be considered, such as cardiovascular disease risk factors and determinants (socioeconomic, genetic and lifestyle determinants), cardiovascular risk assessment, cardiac rehabilitation, nutrition, and exercise physiology. In addition, we welcome interdisciplinary research focusing on the influence of comorbidities on the delivery of successful preventive strategies, as well as implementation research on population-wide and individual-based interventions aimed at reducing the risk and socioeconomic impact of cardiovascular disease.

“We are in the midst of a revolution in the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease, with the emergence of new drugs and new targets associated with improved cardiovascular outcomes. At the same time, advances in risk assessment, including novel biomarkers, genetics, and noninvasive subclinical atherosclerosis imaging represent major advances that will be implemented more widely in the coming years. Issues related to primary and secondary prevention are becoming increasing complex, and more and more patients are seeking specialized advice on cardiovascular risk assessment and management. This PLOS ONE Collection tackles these bold issues and provides a glimpse into the next frontiers in prevention of cardiovascular disease.”

— Michael D. Shapiro, Guest Editor

From our Guest Editor, Jemma C. Hopewell:

We are currently in an exciting big-data era, with a wealth of information from large-scale population studies, electronic healthcare records, biomarker panels, imaging modalities and genomic technologies providing unparalleled potential for robust research into the major risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Through this synergy of data we can address important questions relevant to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, and this PLOS ONE Call for Papers offers a fantastic opportunity to highlight your work in this area.”

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