Medicine & Health Sciences


The Global Burden of Norovirus & Prospects for Vaccine Development

Each year, norovirus causes over 200,000 deaths and a global economic burden of more than $60 billion.

Bridging Communities: Co- and Polymicrobial Infections

PLOS Pathogens presents research that directly tackles how overlapping infections, and the immune responses they stimulate, might interact in novel ways.


The impact of zika, an arbovirus infection transmitted by several different species of Aedes mosquitoes, should be treated with the utmost seriousness as the impact could be devastating.

Biology & Life Sciences


Epidemiological Investigations of North American Zoo Elephant Welfare

Invesigating the welfare of North American zoo elephants. 

Open Highlights

Open Highlights use recent PLOS Biology research articles as keystones around which to nucleate a short synthesis of related research articles from other the Open Access corpus.

Editor's Picks: Human Genetics

Senior Editor, Eric Martens shares a sampling of exciting Human Genetics research from PLOS journals.

Credit: Jon Sullivan

Research Analysis & Science Policy


The Missing Pieces

A collection that highlights the importance of negative, null and inconclusive results, which are key pieces of information that often go missing in the scientific literature.


Featuring articles that aim to improve the standards, reproducibility, and evaluation of scientific research.

Research Matters

Leading scientists explain why the research carried out in their laboratories matters.

Credit: Michael Coghlan

Computer & Information Sciences


Focus Feature – Allostery

This Focus Feature, led by Jin Liu and Ruth Nussinov, commemorates the 10th anniversary of PLOS Computatonal Biology and puts a spotlight on Allostery.

PLOS Computational Biology: Topic Pages

The Topic Pages Collection aims to increase the coverage of computational biology topics in Wikipedia.

Open Source Toolkit: Hardware

This Collection gathers together research and web resources for “Open Labware” designs as part of an Open Source Toolkit.

Credit: Creativity103

Earth & Environmental Sciences


Responding to Climate Change​

Climate research focussed on mitigating and adapting to the effects of the changing climate.

Sauropod Gigantism: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach

Major efforts by evolutionary biologists and paleontologists to understand the evolutionary success and uniquely gigantic body size of sauropods.

Editor’s Picks: Ocean Sciences

PLOS ONE Associate Editor Eileen Clancy selects recent PLOS publications highlighting the varied and critical research into understanding the world’s oceans.

Credit: Paul Bica