Biology & Life Sciences


PLOS iGEM 2016

PLOS will host a realtime online peer review event for iGEM teams ahead of submission to the PLOS iGEM 2016 Collection.


Leishmaniasis research papers from the call for papers made by the WorldLeish-6 Scientific Committee, in partnership with PLOS Collections.

Editor's Picks: Cell Biology

Research exploring how cells work helps us understand the proper functioning of the body, as well as understand and treat disease.

Credit: Jon Sullivan

Medicine & Health Sciences


Good Clinical Practice

Experiences, lessons learnt and practical tools developed during clinical research on NTDs in Africa and Asia.

Neglected Populations: Decreasing Inequalities & Improving Measurement in Maternal Health

In this latest collection, attention is drawn to issues of inequality.

Translating the Cancer Genome - Implications for Diagnosis and Treatment 

PLOS Medicine special issue guest edited by Dr. Elaine R. Mardis and Dr. Marc Ladanyi.

Research Analysis & Science Policy


Open Data

This collection highlights the broad scope of research, guidelines, and commentaries about data sharing, data practices, and data policies.


Featuring articles that aim to improve the standards, reproducibility, and evaluation of scientific research.

10th Anniversary Collections

Join us as PLOS ONE celebrates its 10th Anniversary through a variety of curated collections.

Credit: Michael Coghlan

Computer & Information Sciences


Focus Feature – Allostery

This Focus Feature, led by Jin Liu and Ruth Nussinov, commemorates the 10th anniversary of PLOS Computatonal Biology and puts a spotlight on Allostery.

PLOS Computational Biology: Methods

The Methods Section was launched in 2013 and has given computational method development a dedicated space in the journal.

Open Source Toolkit: Hardware

This Collection gathers together research and web resources for “Open Labware” designs as part of an Open Source Toolkit.

Credit: Creativity103

Earth & Environmental Sciences


Responding to Climate Change​

Climate research focussed on mitigating and adapting to the effects of the changing climate.

Measuring Forest Conservation Effectiveness

A series of studies that evaluate the effectiveness of tropical forest conservation policies and programs

Editor’s Picks: Ocean Sciences

PLOS ONE Associate Editor Eileen Clancy selects recent PLOS publications highlighting the varied and critical research into understanding the world’s oceans.

Credit: Paul Bica