Biology & Life Sciences Collections


Marine Megafauna

The Marine Megafauna Collection presents research focused on the biology, ecology and conservation of the most captivating creatures in the ocean.


Featuring papers that examine cellular and molecular immunology, evolutionary immunology, animal models of the human immune system and ontogeny of the immune system.

The Promise of Plant Translational Research

The translation of basic research discoveries into methods to develop and improve important crop traits.

Credit: Jon Sullivan

Medicine & Health Sciences Collections


Monitoring Universal Health Coverage

13 country case studies, five technical reviews and an overview form a global framework for monitoring progress towards Universal Health Coverage.


PLOS Pathogens presents a compendium of "lessons-that-last" addressing topics of relevance and importance in pathogens research.

Maternal Health Task Force

Improving women's and children's health through greater access to more comprehensive maternal health information and knowledge.

Credit: Phalinn Ooi

Earth & Environmental Sciences Collections


Responding to Climate Change​

Climate research focussed on mitigating and adapting to the effects of the changing climate.

Sauropod Gigantism: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach

Major efforts by evolutionary biologists and paleontologists to understand the evolutionary success and uniquely gigantic body size of sauropods.

Biogeography of Deep-Water Chemosynthetic Ecosystems - The ChEss Collection

Recent advances in biogeography and taxonomy within deep-sea chemosynthetic environments.

Credit: Paul Bica

Computer & Information Sciences Collections


PLOS Computational Biology 10th Anniversary

A PLOS Computational Biology "Taster" highlighting each section of the wide ranging articles published in the journal.

Macromolecular Structure and Dynamics

Recent advancements in computational treatments of macromolecules.

Open Source Toolkit: Hardware

This Collection gathers together research and web resources for “Open Labware” designs as part of an Open Source Toolkit.

Credit: Creativity103

Research Analysis & Science Policy Collections


The Missing Pieces

A collection that highlights the importance of negative, null and inconclusive results, which are key pieces of information that often go missing in the scientific literature.

Open Access

In keeping with our primary mission of making the world’s scientific and medical literature a public resources, this collection highlights articles relating to Open Access.

Reporting Guidelines

Highlighting articles including guidance, commentary, and related research on repoarting guidelines.

Credit: Michael Coghlan