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Subject Area: Biology & Life Sciences

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  • A PLOS Collection Oceanic Metagenomics Collection

    The J. Craig Venter Institute's Global Ocean Sampling Expedition revealed an enormous amount of previously unexplored diversity in the world's oceans. In addition to the research articles, this…

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  • A PLOS Collection Craniofacial Genetics

    Despite widespread fascination with the structure of the human face, there is still limited understanding of the molecular basis behind facial variation, from the morphological variation behind our…

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  • A PLOS Collection PLOS Biology’s XV Collection: 15 Years of Open Science

    To commemorate 15 years of PLOS Biology, this collection will showcase a series of twelve blog posts, one each month, featuring an article selected by one of our hard-working Editorial Board Members…

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  • A PLOS Collection Editor’s Picks: Cell Biology

    Cell biologists investigate fundamental aspects of life, from the basic building blocks of the cell to how cells grow, divide and interact with each other. In conjunction with the 2018 ASCB Meeting…

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  • A PLOS Collection GLBIO 2017

    The 12th Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference (GLBIO) 2017, organized by the GLBIO Consortium, aimed to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of research findings and methods in…

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  • A PLOS Collection GIGA: Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance research

    GIGA is an international non-profit community of scientists dedicated to promoting genomics research of diverse non-model invertebrate species. Invertebrates comprise over 95% of all animal species…

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  • A PLOS Collection PLOS iGEM 2016

    The iGEM Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of synthetic biology through the development of open community and collaboration. These aims are shared by PLOS, whose mission is to advance…

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  • A PLOS Collection Editor’s Picks: Human Genetics

    Human Genetics encompasses vast areas of study, including genetic epidemiology, genomics, gene therapy, epigenetics, and evolution. The very latest research in these areas and more will be on display…

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  • A PLOS Collection Cysteine Proteases

    Protozoan and metazoan parasites cause many neglected diseases in resource-poor areas. This collection examines the possibility of targeting cysteine proteases within these parasites to provide a…

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  • A PLOS Collection Advances in HIV Mucosal Immunology: Challenges and Opportunities

    Without reliable methods to evaluate how the mucosal immune system responds to an experimental HIV vaccine, important information about how well that vaccine worked is missed. The HIV Mucosal…

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