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  • A PLOS Collection Sauropod Gigantism: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach

    Sauropod dinosaurs were the largest terrestrial animals to roam the Earth, exceeding all other land-dwelling vertebrates in both mean and maximal body size. While convergently evolving many features…

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  • A PLOS Collection Proceedings of the Third International Barcode of Life Conference Mexico City

    "DNA barcoding" was proposed formally in 2003 as a technique for species diagnosis and identification using short standardized gene regions. Early conferences focused on the degree to which…

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  • A PLOS Collection The World Register of Marine Species

    This collection has been created by the editors of the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS), an open-access online database which holds information on all marine species, and some of their…

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  • A PLOS Collection Oil Spills

    Oil Spills cause catastrophic and persistent damage on enormous scales, and have dramatic consequences for both humans and the environment. Research into the consequences of oil spills is multifaceted…

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  • A PLOS Collection Editor’s Picks: Ocean Sciences

    Ocean Science or Oceanography covers a wide range of scientific topics, including complex ecosystems, sustainability, marine organisms, ocean currents, climate change and the geology of the sea…

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  • A PLOS Collection Responding to Climate Change

    Few areas can benefit as much from the force of Open Access as climate change research: the combination of public, scientific, and governmental interest with the mounting misinformation…

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  • A PLOS Collection Paleontology

    This collection represents those articles published in PLOS journals on the general topic of Paleontology (the study of fossils and of life forms that existed in past geological periods). The…

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  • A PLOS Collection Ecological Impacts of Climate Change

    The ecological impacts of climate change are broad and diverse, altering species' range limits, plant phenology and growth, carbon and nutrient cycling, as well as biodiversity and extinction risk…

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  • A PLOS Collection Participatory Monitoring for Forests, Climate and REDD+

    The studies in this PLOS ONE collection investigate community participation in measuring, reporting and verifying (PMRV) initiatives as a contribution to international, national and project level…

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  • A PLOS Collection 2009 Maize Genome Collection

    The authors of the research presented in this special collection used the first description of the B73 maize genome to probe some of the most intriguing questions in genetics and plant biology. Read…

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