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Forest Conservation Effectiveness

A series of studies that evaluate the effectiveness of tropical forest conservation policies and programs.

Marine Megafauna Collection

The Marine Megafauna Collection presents research focused on the biology, ecology and conservation of the most captivating creatures in the ocean. 

Oceanic Metagenomics

The J. Craig Venter Institute's Global Ocean Sampling Expedition revealed an enormous amount of unexplored diversity in the world's oceans. This collection includes commentary and analysis highlighting the achievements and challenges of this work.

Participatory Montioring for Forest, Climate & REDD+

This series of studies investigate factors determining the viabilty of local people’s particpation in forest mangement & conservation.

The Census of Marine Life

The Census of Marine Life Collections present research from the Census of Marine Life (CoML), a ten-year initiative intended to assess and explain the diversity, distribution, and abundance of marine life in the world's oceans – past, present and future.

Sauropod Gigantism: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach

This new PLOS Collection discusses major efforts by evolutionary biologists and paleontologists to understand sauropods as living animals and to explain their evolutionary success and uniquely gigantic body size. The articles address these questions from the widest selection of disciplinary viewpoints, including those of ecology, engineering, functional morphology, animal nutrition and palaeontology.

The World Register of Marine Species

This Collection has been created by the editors of the World Register of Marine Species, an open-access online database which holds information on all marine species, and some of their freshwater and terrestrial relatives.

Proceedings of the Third International Barcode of Life Conference, Mexico City

The Third International Barcode of Life Conference in Mexico City conference witnessed an explosion of new applications of DNA barcoding across a rapidly expanding range of fields.

Biodiversity of Saba Bank

This collection of articles represents an international collaboration to characterize the richness, diversity, and habitat affinities of marine taxa on Saba Bank. 

PLOS Archive Collections

Spotlight Archive Collection 

Urban Ecology

This collection features some of the interdisciplinary urban ecology research published in PLOS ONE, from the anthropogenic impacts of urbanization on the ecology and behaviour of urban-dwelling species to the social benefits of urban biodiversity.


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Confronting Climate Change in the Age of Denial

Ecological Impacts of Climate Change

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Urban Ecology

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